The guys here are in need of help

"and I but I am even nicer, for I have a large wang."

Bet mine is larger....

"You're mean in bed?"

I wouldn't be to you, unless that is what you wanted. If that is what you wanted, I'd beat the living hell out of you. :D
Then refrain from riling up those who don't want to hear the horseshit the bible speaks.
Dude, it's the fact that you spew your opinion whenever you want, and most of the time no one wants to hear it. If he wants to say that, let him, he shouldn't have to worry whether or not you're going to come in and ruin the whole point of it.
OfficerNice said:
Nope, you're wrong. Satan, actually, Lucifer was one of God's Angels
basically. Lucifer was a fallen angel, the star that fell from Heaven.
God bound him for a thousand years.
Many people think he is free now and roaming the earth.
In the respect of our which country was founded, it was God.
In the realms of theology, God was the infinite authority.

And before you start flaming me, I'm not one of those silly goddamn christian

:hotjump: -OfficerNice
Dude, your totally lost

I wasn't referring to Satan. I was referring to

go to school :)
1.) You argue in the most retarded way..... people make valid points in the arguement and you retalliate with irrelevant comments that are supposed to insult the other person, like your stupid comments about Canada
2.) The reason they are being defensive..... is because you attacked their joking!! its called making an arguement you retard
3.) If you are so sure that you only like girls, and are so comfortable with your sexuality, why the fuck does this bother you so much? Maybe you are insecure with how you feel and are hiding something...
4.) Take it like a man
Oh, don't play the fucking age card. And don't play the sex card, the real question is, through all of it...have you found your heart? ......wait...if you have nothing to prove....why in the hell are you attacking him?
oh so suddenly when you get older insecurity goes away? bullshit.
I know plent of 30-40 year olds who are incredibly insecure. Most people of all ages just want to be secure in their environment. And your other arguements about having sex and all that stuff longer than me.... thats just irrelevant to the arguement