The guys here are in need of help

lets close this argument please.

officernice was drunk when he posted this.
insulting random people on the board was stupid: but he took it back
lets not open more threads when we're drunk, shall we?

*group hug*

OfficerNice said:
No Offense to the guys here but in the last 2 weeks of
observation, seems like most of the sex stuff the guys
talk about is all anal sodomy homo gay stuff.

There's lot of hot women on this board like Black Water Nymph
and Dead Lioness and most of you dudes only talk about
plugging each other's asses. Is college that bad these days?

It was never was when I went to college. We never talked
about male butt humping. We talked about the lovely women.

If I was you I wouldnt be talking enough about how cool
and how hot the women here are.


The Nevermore board, where women are hot and sheep are scared
of the guys here.
Heres a new word for you to learn......Humor ....relaxe judge
i dont care about either side of the arguing, but...
OfficerNice said:
You call me redneck like you're insulting me.
Redneck is just another word for AMERICAN.
And I'm pretty damn proud to be an AMERICAN.
fuck that. we're not all rednecks so dont associate me with that bullshit.
All the wimens can come to my group, sounds good to me, done deal.:p

OfficerNice said:

How many rednecks have enlisted in the military and fought and died
for your ass?

Born in 82? You're old enough to enlist.
Pick up a weapon and defend your country or shut the fuck up.

Enter a warzone and then talk shit about rednecks.

I will agree with you on this. Rednecks are America's versions of the Spartans from Ancient Greece (that defended many of the city states when war approached from a foreign land). The warrior class................. with a penchant for whiskey LOL :headbang:
all of you guys seem to have difficulty grasping the idea that people have different opinions and that that's okay...

seems dumb, yes, but it seems like that's what you're all actually having trouble with