THINKABOWDIT #5! Who makes you starstruck?!?!

:cry: thanks JD, a search party is always good even when your not still get the party! :hotjump: So those I've had the pleasure of meeting the following peeps, some for just a quick autograph/pic some it's been a pleasure to b.s. with:

Klaus, Rudy, Matthias and James - The Scorpions :p
Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth :worship: - old Scorps touring solo
Bruce, Jannick, Dave, Nikko and Steve of Iron Maiden :worship:
Geezer Butler, Geoff Michaels, Tony Ioammi, Ian gillan - Sabbath :D
Doug Aldrich- Deep Purple
Ronnie J. Dio
Sammy Hagar
Tim Owens
Tom, Rickard, Jonas- Evergrey :
Simon Wright
Allen- lead vox from Heaven
Tommy Tutone
Vince Neil
all the sweet guys of Tesla
Steve Perry, Neil Schon - Journey
and some of the members of
Death Angel
Primal Fear
and at the Metal Mania show recently a boatload of 80's glam guys ; Kip Winger, Blas Elliat, etc.
Oh I forgot the first ever band I met.... I was 7.......The Monkees!!! :tickled:

Sad but true I've gotten B.Stage passes to two of Aerosmith's tours and have spent hours waiting for them only to find out "they've left the building" I would have to say those guys would make me cream my jeans if I ever could meet them! :headbang: :headbang: