'TIARA' is out now - 12/10/18!

Wait a sec. so Tommy is not taking part in the songwriting process?! That's not a good thing. If he continues like this he's gonna have to leave one of the bands and I'm afraid that it's gonna be SW. I really hope that that won't happen.
No, but they're busy with the DVD and Tommy busy with Kamelot

Expect more news by the end of the year
I can't believe how long it's taking. It's almost a year ago that they released Inner Enemy. Something tells me this huge delay wasn't planned.
Two years to produce a masterwork like TGE. Now it's almost 5 years to next album. I won't settle for less than their best effort to date.
It's definitely been quiet for a while. I assume they must've run into some complications, either with "real life" or production wise.
I'm afraid that with Kamelot's extensive touring, new album (and DVD) will be pushed a lot more farther.
There is a solid 2 month gap in Kamelot's tour schedule currently, so I can only assume there is some SW-related movement happening in the background.

It is what it is you know. Tommy being Kamelot's lead singer has had great flow-on effects to SW and their increasing fanbase. In the meantime, the SW instrumentalists have had plenty of time to work on new music and write without serious time pressures. I have really high expectations for the next album, and I'm happy enough to wait for however long it takes.

With respect to the time it's taking to produce the DVD, it's a really tough and detailed process for teams of people, let alone the small operation I would assume for this particular production. Need I remind you all that the Pagan's Mind DVD from the same concert won't be out until October this year also, so....
I thought that the entire album was recorded last year, but that the producing was put on hold due to the ProgPower DVD project (rehearsing, planning, recording/performing, producing). From the updates on Fb (and elsewhere), I figure mixing a multi-camera DVD and producing it by yourself on your spare time takes a hell of a time. However, my point is that it shouldn't be due to Tommy's duties in Kamelot that the release is postponed. Except that the band probably would like to have the opportunity for a release party (and hopefully a few shows around that).
I'm bumping this. I'm trying to find any kind of news related to the new album. Has anyone heard or read anything that might give any implications to how it's going? Tommy released his second album with Kamelot almost a year ago (which was awesome, btw) and Inner enemy was released with the video in 2014. And yet it's hard to find any reassurance that the new album is actually still in the works. I'd like to atleast have an update telling me whether or not the album is coming at all. And how's it going with Mercy falls (DVD)?
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I believe the guys always said the Mercy Falls DVD is going to be the priority and that the new album will come second. According to a recent interview with Tommy, the DVD is finished and they are looking for someone to release it.
I also think that it must be hard to find time to work on the new album with Tommy being in Kamelot and his job as a firefighter and don't forget the other guys also have day jobs. Combined with the Mercy Falls DVD, this might explain the lack of updates.
I'm also sure the guys will release updates when they are ready. In the meantime, I'll be patient and wait for it :)
SEVENTH WONDER Extend Their Career in Signing with Frontiers

"...Bass player Andreas Blomqvist states: “It has been too quiet in the Seventh Wonder camp for far too long – and FINALLY that is about to change! Many years have passed since we last put out a record but, finally the band is a fully functioning unit again, ready to create some great new music. As we were getting ready to get back on track we also needed somebody to partner with. Somebody who shared our vision for the band and saw our potential and was willing to commit to the band. We have found that somebody in Frontiers! We are thrilled to be on board with such a famous label with many of our favourite bands on their roster. You, the fans, have been more patient than anyone could ever deserve. We are equally proud and humbled by that and we promise to do our best, together with our new friends at Frontiers, to make up for the years of silence by going full speed ahead. And you know what? The new album is sounding great!”

Fans first taste of new music will see the light of day in the fall, with the new album expected to be released in the first half of 2017...."
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Well, it's been a little while since the last update but, after signing with Frontiers in early May, the (working)pace has increased and now there's some concrete news regarding the live DVD/album AND the new album!

Here's Andreas' last update (17/06/16):
"I now have, on my computer, the masters for the live show! Sounds and looks amazing!

Oh, and you know what? We managed to sneak in a new studio song too.
It might be just happen to be the sequel to another song we released on its own.... And it might happen to be close to 10 minutes of prog-delight (and those two songs might together tell the story of things to come).....

Getting ready to release all of the above, and in not too long we'll hit the studio - get ready for much more in the future to come!

//Andreas B."
Fantastic news, everyone: the recordings have officially begun!

Stefan says the following:
"We are recording the next album RIGHT NOW! I laid down the drum tracks for three songs this week and the vibe is great! Pics and vids coming!"
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Well, as promised:

"...Here´s a little clip I put together from the first couple of days of drum recordings. Hope ya like it!

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Almost forgot this forum existed for a while.... my apologies for long abscense.

Facebook is basically an easier place to keep track of what's going on, but now that we have momentum again with the new album, and recordings actually under way, I am sure we will be able to post updates here as well.

Thanks as always to Kazar for always being on top of things!
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Stefan posted another little clip!
Check it out:

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