'TIARA' is out now - 12/10/18!

Here's a little update about the new studio album, taken from an interview Andreas recently (09/08) did:

- The style/sound of the new album is 'Waiting In The Wings'-ish, but with a different feeling because of Stefan's drumming/influence (don't worry though, the typical Seventh Wonder 'formula' will remain)! .
- Stefan is done with the drums, Kyrrrt is 4-5 songs in, and Andreas will start recording bass in a couple of days.
- Tommy will start recording vocals in early fall.
- The new album will probably be mixed in November, with HOPEFULLY a release in January.
- 'Inner Enemy' (and 'The Promise') will not be on the new album!
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Here's a new video from Stefan's recording:

Stefan added:
"...a little something from the final track of drum recordings. Let´s call this session "leg day"... :)
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Andreas posted a new message and video as well!

Check it out here:

"Hey, Hey!
A little message and some music from the SW5-recordings.
As always, I talk too much - the music starts at 1:20!
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Here's a little update from Andreas regarding the recording of the new album:
"....We are well under way and have virtually most instrument tracking done.
A few more tracks to go, some leads and then all vocals (and mixing, mastering and artwork) - then we're done!
I promise you a great album and some other album-related updates soon!...."
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Here's another (bigger) update from Andreas regarding the recordings of the new album:

"Hey friends!
I am sure you must be wondering what's going on. Here are a few updates:
As you probably saw the other day Johan posted that all the rhythm guitars are done, and that is a big milestone.
The other instruments have been done a while, except the leads for the keys.
Tommy has again been out and about, not to mention the Ayreon-record and being on tour with Kamelot. When he gets back him and me are going to finalize the lyrics before we start recording the vocals.
Tommy has worked through most of the vocal melodies and we have been trying to find the best feel for each song and making sure they fit what they are trying to tell.

Meanwhile we are working on tons of great artwork concept with the multi-talented Johan Larsson and our good friend Oyvind from Withem is working on getting the best sound we can get.

We are always trying to push ourselves a bit with each new record, trying something new while staying true to our formula. This time we did something really cool that I am happy to share with you. Stefan brought out the congas and bongo drums and went all percussion on us for a Tommy-penned track that I believe is going to turn out great.

I'll share a few snippets from the bass recordings for that track with you, just to give you an idea of the feel of the song. It is definitely a new thing for us!
For those of you who might be fellow bass players out there I have to confess this was some of the most difficult stuff I have ever been forced to do with huge jumps and string-skipping from hell. It is a great challenge to venture into new musical landscapes and by pushing yourslef you always grow.

Don't give up on us - there is one hell of an album on the way, I promise!


Here's the video Andreas is talking about:

Yay, this made my day! I'm writing an exam today and it's tedious to sit writing all day, so getting an update from one my favourite bands is very welcome.
Today, Stefan posted this great update on FB:

"Hey friends…

Thought I´d share some unique outsider/insider thoughts here since you guys and I have this in common: none of us performed on any of the previous SW albums! In other words, the part of me that is a huge SW fan is awaiting the next record just as eagerly as you are. What we do not have in common, however, is that I now know the title of the new album, I have seen the artwork, I have heard all the music and as of last night, I have heard the first complete song (which I also know the title of!!). Mixed, with vocals! Yup!:)

Let me tell you this: As pleased as I am with my drum parts, the brilliant level of musicianship from my brothers in the band is completely unreal! And Tommy´s vocals are so god damn good it will literally blow your mind! I couldn´t sleep last night, I just listened to it over and over and over ´til my wife had to stop me.. hahaha..

That being said, brace yourselves, people, ´cuz SW5 is thundering towards you and it will be out of this world (…almost literally…;-) )

Thanks for the news update, Kazar. Not checking in with Facebook much these days, so it's good to have you passing along the news bits.

Hope they can share SOMETHING soon!
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You ever wait so patiently for something for so long that you succumb to anxiety over it? I've been on a river rapid of excitement since they announced a new album to be released in 2013. I'm going grey over the wait lol. This is the only thing in my life I've ever allowed to get me this excited and let down over so many times. Glad to see that there's been progress this year. But the fans would be a lot more convinced of this album's happening if we had more frequent updates. I will patiently wait as long as I have too. But, as an avid fan, I would love to see some more news! Love you guys forever! <3
Not sure if all of you use Facebook, so here's the latest news/update from Andreas.
Andreas' comments (see below) are a reaction to comments/reactions from fans regarding an old interview (from October last year) and the lack of regular updates regarding the new album:

" Some comments:
1 - I understand you are pissed of about the delay. So am I. You have a right to be. Now that we have got that out of the way, let's try to look ahead, shall we?
2 - Yes, the interview is old. This means some of the dates, which constitutes like 10% of the interview, are not valid.
We feel there were some interesting fan-asked questions which out of respect we wanted to share. There are also some pretty substantial news about the new album being a concept album and how it relates to the inner enemy and The promise. These are news, as a matter of fact, that we felt should interest those who care.
3 - what other options did we have? Not share the interview because of one out of date answer? Not cool to the people who would want to read it.
Finally :
-anybody who has constructive comments about things you would like to see or hear -please let us know.
Another interview? More studio snippets? Particular questions?

Rest assured we are doing what we can to bring you the most spectacular album we can. It is insane the amount of time it has taken, but anyone who thinks it is because of laziness or lack of passion can think again.


By the way, you can read the aforementioned interview right here:

Regarding the lack of mentioning a release date for the new album, Andreas says the following:
" The explanation is as simple as it is unfortunate: we don't know!
As soon as I know anything about a release date, you must understand we'll let you know."
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Thank you, Kazar. I don't hop on FB very often, so I appreciate you spreading the word.
Andreas is having a hard time containing his frustration, and it's perfectly understandable. I sure hope things smooth out in all areas.
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Friends, the time has come!
It is with great pleasure that I can share with you this exciting news:

The boys are back with their fifth studio album, titled ‘Tiara’.
The new album is now in the final stages of mixing, and it is being mixed at Lionheart Studio in Oslo, Norway by Oyvind Voldmo Larsen (who also mixed “Inner Enemy” and “The Promise”).

It is the first studio album to feature Stefan Norgren on drums, and in two weeks the album will be passed on to Jens Bogren of Fascination studios for mastering. Jens has previously worked on albums by Symphony X, Katatonia, Opeth and James LaBrie.

The 13 tracks of this concept album will visit some new sonic spaces for Seventh Wonder, while staying true to their form.
After the mastering, the finished album will be delivered to Frontiers Records for a world wide release.

“We’ve watched you since the dawn of time,
with every moment gone by.
A million suns fade and die,
this is the end?”

Beware, for they’re coming….!
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The first song from Seventh Wonder's new album is out now!
It's simply VICTORIOUS!

The official release date for 'Tiara' is: October 12th, 2018.
TIARA will be released on CD as well as a double vinyl LP. Some special limited bundles will be made available through Frontier’s webstore (see link at the bottom).

The tracklist for the new concept album is as follows:
1. Arrival
2. The Everones
3. Dream Machines
4. Against The Grain
5. Victorious
6. Tiara's Song (Farewell Pt. 1)
7. Goodnight (Farewell Pt. 2)
8. Beyond Today (Farewell Pt. 3)
9. The Truth
10. By The Light Of The Funeral Pyres
11. Damnation Below
12. Procession
13. Exhale

Check out "VICTORIOUS":

Pre-order TIARA here: https://www.frontiers.shop/
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The new music video for the song "Tiara's Song" is out!

'TIARA', SW's new concept album, will be out Oct. 12th.
Pre-order on CD/LP/MP3 here: http://radi.al/SeventhWonderTiara
Special Limited Edition Colored Vinyl + T-Shirt Bundles available here: https://www.frontiers.shop/seventh-wonder/

Andreas: “The band is stoked to release the first video off of our upcoming album Tiara, and the song is appropriately called ‘Tiara’s Song’.
The album is a concept album and a crucial moment in the story is described in three songs, entitled ‘Farewell Parts 1, 2 and 3’, and ‘Tiara’s Song’ is part 1 of that trilogy.
This is classic Seventh Wonder, so I believe that any long time fans of the band will be happy with what they hear.
We are very happy with how the video came out as it captures both the band vibe as well as the other emotions that are present in the song. which deals with profound and ubiquitous emotions concerning life, love and loss.”

Check it out:

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