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Dec 15, 2003
On the next Opeth album Mikeal dropped the death vocals. The album is heavy,acoustic,progressive,etc.. all opeth elements, but just clean vocals. Note* i enjoy Mikeal's growling a lot.

What would you think ?
I would probably still think it was good, but it would be lacking a dimension so I'd really rather they didn't do that.
Can't say, because I don't know this album. Damnation was good.
...But the growls are essential parts at heavy songs, so is death metal in general for Opeth. Therefore it would me a major change,- that I do not want to happen. M. Akerfeldts death vocals are just too great, it would be a waste.
I think a lot of songs would sound more like Harlequin Forest. Which wouldn't nessicary be a bad thing, as either way, Opeth isnt just about death. They are all around great musicianships. Hell, I bet Opeth could even make a decent techno song if they put their minds to it.

On the other hand, the death vocals as Mikael has mentioned, are the most aggressive vocal style, and thats why they use them. It would be a shame to lose the death vocals on the really intense songs. For example remove the growls from Masters Apprentices and replace it with clean. It's just not the same effect.
I would like that....Mikael's vocals on GR are just AMAZING...there's some parts where his voice is so plaintive...
oh oh...like in Harlequin Forest:
a trail of sickness
leading to me
if I am haunted
then you will see... :cry:
you just want to give him a hug and tell him everything's gonna be ok...
These are by far his best vocals so...I'm looking forward to hearing more of it...
For me a big thing about Opeth is the contrast - but then again.. Damnation lacked the contrast of the heavy side. If there was no growling i'd be fine.
I wouldn't hate it, but it wouldn't be the same you know? A big part of Opeth (for me at least) is the switch between the growls and clean vocal styles in many of songs.

But Damnation was good, and if Opeth made an entire album that was full of songs like 'Face of Melinda' I would not be dissappointed.

But I'd miss the contrast, I'd miss the effect the growls add, and I'd miss the growls themselves.

It wouldn't be terrible, but it would be...differant.

For me a big thing about Opeth is the contrast - but then again.. Damnation lacked the contrast of the heavy side. If there was no growling i'd be fine.
Gunhaver said:
i'd stop fucking my sister for a second to say "hmm there's no growling here" then i'd immediately go back to pounding the hell out of her

Interesting way to put it. I wouldn't mind, but like many of you have said before, I think the contrast is one of the things that makes opeth great. Damnation had all clean vocals, but the music wasn't brutal. Think of the opposite; could you imagine them putting out an album like Damnation, but with both vocal styles. I think it'd be kind of wierd. But, it's Opeth and I'm sure they can do anything. I think they'd actually have to try hard to make a song sound bad.