What if...

I would like it probably, but I would look forward to the next one wich would have growls again! ;)
I said it in another thread: Opeth IS and will ALWAYS be a death metal band! ;)
I'm fairly convinced that if Opeth makes it, I'll like it. No matter what. I've never been disappointed. Opeth Mark 2: Jazz Odyssey? I'm there. (I'm imagining Mikael saying, "Mendez on Bass...he wrote this...")
I could at least play it at work which is always a good thing....
I would hate to see all the threads about them "selling out" if they stopped the growls!
No it would be boring in the long run like D1. But he should improve his growls I don´t like ém that much on GR. too brutal, for the most part.
The Greys said:
On the next Opeth album Mikeal dropped the death vocals. The album is heavy,acoustic,progressive,etc.. all opeth elements, but just clean vocals. Note* i enjoy Mikeal's growling a lot.

What would you think ?

It would really loose it's contrast and such. It'd just sound too generic.
Hell fucking no, Mikeal better not EVER drop his death vocals!!!
I Love death vocals in general, especially Mikeal's (he is THE best death vocalist I've ever heard). It would be a sad, sad shame if he ever did that. On damnation, it was appropriate for him to use clean vocals all the way through because it wasn't a death album. However, on any other album, no. Just NO. :yell: