What is death metal?

Intoxicator said:
No, that wasn't a joke. But it wasn't going against the fact that blacks invented the blues. It said that whites invented rap, blacks invented blues. I don't know how true that is. It was my brother that told me it. I think he learned it in school or while doing research for a school project.

The "blacks invented the blues" is marketing. The blues is an aesthetic variant on Celtic folk music, and was marketed into hype to sell it to people. E.g. it's another capitalist ripoff. I see this issue as transcending race in that it shows us how culture gets torn to pieces by money motivations.

How can anyone claim rap is an invention? Poetry is universal. If anything "invented" rap, it was the drum machine. I consider it an important part of African-American culture and worth supporting, although I find it and most rock music to bore the shit out of me.