Which cd did you just buy?

I just received a package with the DD, Haven and Projector reissues, the WDIMA dvd, and the Void.
A signed photo of the band came with it, it was quite a nice surprise since i thought this might be available for Sweden only.

Tomorrow i'll listen to the new cd for the first time.
Angel Dust - Of Human Bondage and Mercenary - The Hours that Remain

I've just ordered Charred Walls of the Damned but it still haven't been posted.

Burzum «Belus» 2010 Digipak (Byelobog)
Abigor «Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint» 2010 DigiBox (End All Life)
Borknagar «Universal» 2010 2CD Limited Box (Indie)
Ihsahn «After» 2010 CD+DVD German Limited Edition (Candlelight UK)
Dark Tranquillity «We Are The Void» 2010 CD+DVD Limited Digipak (Century Media Europe)
Alcest «Souvenirs d'un autre monde» 2007 (Prophecy)
Tiamat «Amanethes» 2008 Limited Digipak (Nuclear Blast Europe)
Samael «Era One» 2006 2CD (Century Media Europe)
Paradise Lost «Icon» 1993, Re-release 2007 (Sony BMG Europe)

Anathema «We're Here Because We're Here» 2010 CD/DVD-Audio Limited Digibook (Kscope)
Alcest «Ecailles de lune» 2010 Limited Box (Prophecy)
Les Discrets «Septembre Et Ses Dernieres Pensees» 2010 Limited Digipak (Prophecy)
Lantlos - .Neon (Prophecy/Lupus Lounge)
Deathspell Omega - Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum (NED)
Darkspace – Dark Space III (Avantgarde)
Ihsahn «After» 2010 CD+DVD UK Version Limited Edition (Candlelight UK)
Abigor «Satanized» 2001 (Napalm America)
Borknagar «The Archaic Course» 1998 (Century Media USA)
Solefald «Pills Against The Ageless Ills» Digipak 2001 (Century Media Europe)
Solefald «In Harmonia Universali» 2003 (Century Media Europe)
Darkthrone «Circle The Wagons» 2010 Natural Rough Limited Digipak (Peaceville)
Darkthrone «A Blaze In The Northern Sky» 1992, Re-release 2003 (Peaceville)
My Dying Bride «Bring Me Victory» (Peaceville)
1349 «Demonoir» 2010 2CD Limited Edition (Indie)
1349 «Hellfire» 2005 (Candlelight UK)
1349 «Liberation» 2003 (Candlelight UK)
Menhir – Ziuwari (Perverted Taste)
Falkenbach «Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty» (Napalm Europe)
Storm – Nordavind (Moonfog)
Satyricon - Nemesis Divina (Moonfog)
Satyricon - The Shadowthrone, re-press (Moonfog)
Ataraxia «Llyr» 2010 Limited Digipak (Prikosnovenie)
Rajna «The Offspring» 2010 Digipak (Equilibrium)
Íon - Immaculada (Equilibrium)
Íon - Madre, Protégenos (Equilibrium)
Edo Notarloberti - Silent Prayers, 601 Limited Digibook (Ark)
Luigi Rubino - A Theme for the Moon Digipak (Prikosnovenie)
Mortiis «The Smell Of Rain» CD (Earache UK)
Morbid Angel «Covenant» (Earache UK)
Morbid Angel «Formulas Fatal To The Flesh» (Earache UK)
Morbid Angel «Gateways To Annihilation» (Earache UK)
Morbid Angel «Heretic» 2003 2CD Limited Edition Box (Earache UK)
Deicide «Till Death Do Us Part» 2008 Limited Edition with Patch (Earache UK)
Deicide «Scars of the Crucifiction» CD/DVD Limited Digipak for Germany (Earache UK)
Amorphis - The SIlent Waters, Limited Digipak (Nuclear Blast Europe)
I just got Hypocrisy's The Final Chapter at a resale shop for $4.99. I also picked up Amon Amarth's With Oden On Our Side and The Birthday Massacre's Walking With Strangers for $6.99 each.