Who has been influenced by Katatonia?


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May 23, 2001
Reading, England
Since Jeff Buckley was brought up as being an influence how about any bands who have been influenced. I can certainly say that our band has been.

It's amazing to think that a band like Katatonia has really boosted up the band and after seeing them at the peacefest I really took a look at myself and decided to actually put something together and push it.

They now play a solid part in my life as being a powerfull injection that has flowed into my soul. They don't probably realise how much they have ment to me. From now on they have created a river that has carved out an impression within my life.
I never heard a band with a sound/melody relation like KATATONIA, I think 'cause only they, the discoverers of this stuff can play so with such a charm. But I with my band began to play things that may be far can remind KATATONIA. My thoughts 'bout that are: the favorite KATATONIA's band was PARADISE LOST and Dance Of December Souls reminds Gothic alb, so we will play in the key of KATATONIA 'til get our own original stuff.
Anthony Arcturus