Why do metalheads care about genres so much?

'Save Me' sounds like it could be on any radio station across the country. It's just.. too too mainstream sounding, you know? God I had that in my head for like a month after I heard it. Now it's probably going to be in it for another month since you mentioned it! >=o
Ex-cally-boo said:
No, Slayer are just as bad.

God you are retarded. Let's see "DamagePlan or Angel of Death... uh, yeah they both suck. Reign in Blood? Oh yeah that album sucks too. Hmmm.... what cd with lots of complicated yet banal riffs can I listen too instead of classic riffs.... hmmm... damn my tastes are SO sophisticated...."
ender7227 said:
Hey Grimace

after tonight, i whole heartedly believe every story i've ever heard about Mark Cuban influencing (intimidating) the refs with all his whiney fucking crap.

tim is a guy who's smart enough not to get any fouls when he needs not to, so when dirk is in a position to draw a foul tim steps completely out of the way with his hands up, lets dirk basically go by him, and dirk steps on timmy's fucking foot and rolls his big dumb german ankle like a retard and... it's a foul on duncan. and he fouls out. WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK. that coupled with that beyond-normal-levels-of-shitty-officiating call last game where Manu went to pass the ball and kinda dropped it and tim picked it up and the ref called... what... double dribble? no, cause manu obviously never picked the ball up again cause FUCKING DUNCAN PICKED IT UP, but that's what the ref tried to call, and when popovich threatened to fucking strangle his ass, they called it... A JUMP BALL??? WTFFFFF!!!!!

fuck the guy who owns your stupid team.

I predict Duncan will have 40+ points and at least 12 rebounds in the next game.

you can hold me to that.

it's pretty important that i know the difference between post-metalcore, post-metal, and post-black metal, because i wouldn't want to come accross as a dilettante at the coffee house you know
genre=movement, not description, imo. grindcore and death metal can sound quite similar, but a grindcore fan and a death metal fan are different. Gcore is like punk, and DM is like metal. Punk is about beating the system, they heve history X, with these bands influencing them, ect. DM is more about blood and killing, and they have history Y with those bands influencing them. At least that is what it is to me.
why are genres important? because there is a fine fucking line between bands such as atreyu and vader