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Jul 29, 2001
i can't believe what just happened...

i talked to this girl i know over the internet
while listening to opeth (The Twilight is my robe)
and then i told her that there is this great band called opeth
and she said "yes i know i've got couple of their songs"
and i was like "What?! but how?! no one knows them!"
and then we talked about it some more and she said that she is listening to them right now,
i asked her what song she is listening to,
and until she answer i started to write to her about the song "The Twilight..." that she should get it if she don't know it
but before i finish sending the message she answered me and said she is listening to "The Twilight..." right now and i thought "wow! telpathy! " but that's nothing compared to what came next... just in the second that the song ended i've got a message from her saying that the song just finished at her computer!

wowww that was so amazing
first she knows opeth
then we are listening to same song the same time
and then we realize that we started the song in the exactly same second! (before i even talked to her about opeth)

:eek: :p :loco:
that's awesome. did you already know that she at least listened to metal, or was it COMPLETELY out of the blue? well, cool story either way. :)
i was in total shock
i didn't even know she liked metal
so yeah it was COMPLETELY out of the blue! :)
*an uncontrolled streak of laughter here* :lol: That good old schizophrenia kicking in again? I can imagine you "doing all kinds of nasty things".. Aww! I didn't want to imagine that!
As far as meeting people who like Opeth, I run into them a lot whenever I wear my Opeth shirts...

I was in Best Buy (big electronics/CD store) and had two different people who worked there come up and talk about how great Opeth is for a little while. They were both long time Opeth fans...but they were both surprised to here they went on tour in the US and they missed it...

Somebody at my local video store is an Opeth fan and talked to him about Opeth a bit one day...

Somebody at my local independant music store is a big time Opeth fan (went to the show I went to), and keeps their albums stocked all the time (even Still Life import)...He mentioned that Opeth is probably the biggest selling metal band in his store (which has an awesome metal section of the store)...

Just a few encounters with real Opeth fans, but they are obviously out there!

Enough for now...
Like 2 weeks ago, I ran into a guy at the superwalmart, here in southeast alabama. And he was wearing an emperor shirt, and i was wearing my opeth shirt, and he came at me pointing his finger saying DUDE!!!!! hehe, it was funny, couse i was pointing at his shirt the same time, he was like I LOVE OPETh they are my favorite band, and he was asking where I got the t shirt and everything. He's pretty cool, he said he was in a band and they have a cd out that they made themselves.I told them I'd buy one and see how it is. I'll let you all know if they sound ok.
Originally posted by Orchid
*an uncontrolled streak of laughter here* :lol: That good old schizophrenia kicking in again? I can imagine you "doing all kinds of nasty things".. Aww! I didn't want to imagine that!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm a schitzophrenic
And so am I

All you need to do is convince her that that was not a coincidence but fate...

Condition: She's worthy.
Strange that some of you have never met people who have heard of Opeth before. Everyone I know at least knows of Opeth (and most of them listen to them). Even people I meet just around town who aren't into metal are familiar with the name. Weird!