10 best Death Metal bands


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Jul 3, 2003
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1) FLESHCRAWL (Germany)
This band is amazing, it is a fine blend of German and American Death Metal with a unique sound and a bit of everything in(Gore, Nihilism, Thrash e.t.c). This is the band to check out if you're just getting into German Death Metal.

Simply the best! The only reason they're not number 1 is that they only ever released three Death Metal albums and for the most part of their career they were a Grindcore band. Their third album Necroticism was their first Death Metal album and is basically the refined sound of Grindcore (from their first 2 albums) turned into Death Metal. From that point they then adopted that style. Carcass were so good for their intricate riff textures and complex song structures. They showed variety, wrote very intellectual lyrics and much more.

3) BLOOD (Germany)
Blood were originally a Grindcore band but ever since the start they mixed the sounds of Death' with the sounds of Grind', it's that unique blend of sound which makes Blood so good. Blood are easily one of the best and most influential Death Grind bands around. The music of the band is short and ferocious with the heavy pummeling of drums while the lyrics are morbid and infuse very well with the music.

4) ENTOMBED (Sweden)
This band were the innovators of the Swedish scene, basically they made the Swedish Death Metal sound. As well as all that, they had their own unique Death Metal sound and genre (Death and Roll). This band have always been skull crushingly heavy and had one of the best growlers of all time (L.G Petrov). Unfortunately they are no longer Death Metal but what they did for the genre when they were Death Metal has made them one of the best.

The most controversial as well as the sickest Death Metal band ever. This band has been banned from touring in four countries and had albums banned. Cannibal Corpse see themselves as the most enduring, relevant and most uncompromising Death Metal band ever. This statement isn’t that far from the truth, they use technically powerful guitars and unmatched bass & drum syncopation to deliver their unique grotesque sound. Their CD covers are a highlight as well as they illustrate some of the most vile images you will ever see.

6) PROFANITY (Germany)
This band will deliver more power than a bullet would to your heart. Profanity deliver a brutally technical sound with extreme power and do not accept stagnation in their music and will do whatever it takes to keep progressing. The lyrics are well written and are usually of a poetic nature. Profanity have always remained underground and are one of the strongest underground bands around. The band also use the idea of staying sick and brutal.

The greatest Gore Death band of all time, the music will make you pale and make you shiver. The lyrics are of a very grotesque elements but it's the album covers which will put you off your tea and make you have nightmares forever, usually their covers are very gross (much more so than Cannibal Corpses) and controversial.

8) OBSCENITY (Germany)
Obscenity started off as a promising band who were well known and well respected in the underground. They emerged into the mainstream in the early 90's and became known for writing Death Metal on the highest technical level. The band is also known for intelligent songwriting and well reasoned lyrics. Obscenity keep apiring to new levels and keep showing with all their new albums that they keep having something new to offer.

Brazils biggest export of Metal were the first ever Death Metal band. Sepultura were the leviathan of Thrash, taking Thrash to new extremes. These new extremes were a more ferocious guitar attack coupled with the growls of Max Cavalera. All in all a more morbid feel than other Thrash bands. Sepultura are/were a Thrash band but without a doubt (and this is even acknowledged by the band) that in their early career they were a Death Metal band.

Personally I think this band is overated and unworthy of being on my list but if they weren’t on people would just say things like “Why aren’t Death on your list?, so here’s Death.

What do you think to my list and my opinions?
I'm lazy so I'll keep this short. I wouldn't have any of those in my top 10. I don't know how I would narrow my favorite death metal bands down to 10 anyway. I must say, however, that I fucking hate CC with passion and the only good thing to ever come from Entombed is Jorgen Sandstrom.
Profånity said:
What do you think to my list and my opinions?
Ok, this is nothing personal, I'll just write what I think about some of the bands:

Haemorrage are not a death metal band. Entombed just make me grin, does anyone still listen to that? The year is soon 2004, for Christ's sake. Death were aspiring to make the "fastest and most brutal music" (the words of Chuck) when Suffocation were already miles ahead in that aspect. I hate Sepultura, isn't that thrash metal? Cannibal Corpse? LOL. When their wives run out of money they tell them to record yet another boring album with the same theme, same boring music and atrocious vocals and they know fans in Germany, Austria and some other countries will still fall for that. Gay old school death metal. :) I'd like to see Fisher on stage with the likes of Ruben Rosas of Devourment, I reckon there would be a "subtle" difference between the two. :)
What about.....
Grave (The Only good thing Jorgen Sandstrom EVER did)

Easily better then most of the bands you listed!
Naggamanteh said:
I hate Sepultura, isn't that thrash metal?

Before coming out with nonsense statements like that I suggest you do your research, you should have read what I put rather than just looking at the band name and then you could have easily checked my claims out

You've just made yourself look stupid by trying to be clever, other BB users know they used to be a Death Metal band.

Guardian of Darkness said:
Death at one point.
I've hardly heard of most of them. I certainly wouldn't put Sepultura in a top 10 - I'm assuming you guys think they were death metal before Beneath The Remains and those albums were so badly produced they're pretty much unlistenable. Sorry, to me, Beneath and Arise are thrash.

Death should have been higher.

Where are Morbid Angel?

Still it's just your opinion, so your list isn't wrong in that respect. I would class Opeth as death metal though, and they should have been at number one. :)
Naggamanteh said:
Haemorrage are not a death metal band.
True, I know they shouldn't really be on my list but they are far too extreme for Goregrind and use a lot of Death Metal gore themes. I wanted to include them for their stomach churning album/single covers.

ps-I class Goregrind as Death Metal anyway.
TakinTheMusicBack said:
I would class Opeth as death metal though, and they should have been at number one. :)
I know they should have been on my list but there was no space for them, they were never eligible for number 1 because their not standard Death Metal, they're Melodic Death Metal.
ok, where are bands like cryptopsy? preeeeetttyy important band right there. and like someone said early. where is morbid angel?
I concur with the other opinons here, where is Death? Cryptopsy? Gorguts? Morbid Angel? Obiturary? Atheist? Cynic? Suffocation? Dismember? Grave? At the Gates? Deicide (I don't like them but they're clearly influential, at least the early stuff)? Vital Remains? Immolation?

Some of the bands you mentioned are very good, like Carcass, but i don't think they deserve to be there since they were mainly a grindcore band. I don't see why Fleshcrawl should be #1, they/re simply putting their take on the sound that was pioneered by Entombed, Grave and Dismember. I respect Cannibal but i think they are overated, given the quality of newer Death bands, i actually listened to Butchered at Birth a few years back and I felt like my IQ had decreased when it was finished playing. I respect them but their music bores me.