A simple but probably challenging thread

Manic Ferocity

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Nov 5, 2006
Your favorite album and why.

Sacramentum - Far Away From the Sun

One of the very few albums I cannot find one single flaw with. The songwriting is simply brilliant with the utilization of melody without detracting from the aesthetics of black metal. As far as melodic black metal goes, it has no rival.
Great album, FAFTS, though the drumming is slightly flawed in places (misplaced blasts, awkward/alienating beats) and there are some minor compositional issues.

For the longest time, Elvenefris was my defacto favorite metal album though I eventually moved on to other things, haven't really felt as strongly about a metal album since though.
Ya you guessed it..

Tool - Lateralus

This is the only album that makes me wish that I could play basically every rock-oriented instrument, from the drumming on Ticks and Leeches and Reflection to the simple but nifty basslines throughout the album most prominent on The Grudge to the synths Adam plays with his foot on Reflection and then of course, the guitars. Not my favorite Tool vocal performance as I prefer the anger present on Opiate and Undertow, but otherwise I love it to death. For a band that isn't really extreme metal, some of the power chords (i.e. The Grudge or Triad) are pretty crushing, and the more reflective side is much more prominent in this than in any other Tool album. Every song stands well on its own or as part of the album.
I can't really choose a single album, no album really has had a super huge impact on me, but if I had to choose...

The Ocean - Aeolian

It's just one of those albums I can put on and I'll be rocking out to it, no matter what.
At the Gates - The Red in the Sky is Ours

It is utterly brilliant. Moody, intricate and passionate, the album is without peer. It has been a long favourite of mine, and gradually worked its way from being my second or third favourite AtG album, to becoming my favourite album across the board. Every time I listen to it, I find myself enjoying it more, which is great. I'd recommend anyone who doesn't like it to just continue to listen as it is truly rewarding.
I don't have a favourite but if i had to chose one than its going to be this band

Heidevolk - Walhalla wacht

They follow the footsteps of their (and mine)Frisian, Frankish and Saxon ancestors, if you are really into folk metal than you won't regret a single moment listening to this album, it practically has it all what you need to get in the mood and start burning churches and drinking mead :D.
Kiuas- The Spirit of Ukko

Brutal, beautiful, passionate.

EDIT: That's just metal though. My favorite record of all time is probably Tull's Heavy Horses.
Not that hard actually.


I can't really explain why, just that it's the best doom album ever IMO, every song is a classic.
Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith

Even though this album isn't perfect, it certainly goes down hill towards the latter half, the good stuff on it is perfect. That in itself isn't a reason though, the reason is that the whole attitude is kind of kill all the posers etc, but with speed and aggression. It's just plain win. It's amazing.
I'm going to have to go with Hell Awaits by Slayer.

It's aggressive, it has awesome riffs, not one bad or even average song, pretty much the perfect album.
"The Gallery" by Dark Tranquillity.

They have my favorite vocalist and he was at his peak on this album. I love every song on it and the guitars are insanely melodic. The music of this album has a certain mood to it and just makes you feel different. It's a hard thing to explain. Very beautiful music.
If I had to pick just one...

Falconer - Falconer

WHY: I absolutely love Falconer and this album is my favorite of theirs. Mathias Blad's voice is heavenly, totally unlike anything in metal. The riffs are melodic and original. Not a weak song on the disc. There is a nice variety to be heard, sometimes within individual songs. I can just listen to this album all day long and not get tired of it.
Metallica - Ride the Lightning

When I was 8-ish I remember waking up during a road trip and hearing part of The Call of Ktulu, and having my mind blown away from what sounded like a heavier Tristram theme from Diablo. Didn't ask who it was for some reason, but despite knowing and listening to Master of Puppets daily, it took a while for me to get to Ride the Lightning. When my dad got new speakers years later he played S&M to test them, and when Ktulu came on I had a massive flashback and when he told me that it was Metallica, I immediately played Ride the Lightning and orgasmed. Master of Puppets used to be the sole source of music in my life, so Ride the Lightning hit me with a mix of nostalgia, the satisfaction of solving a mystery, the "new album" syndrome, and a dozen more angles.

Of course, having eight distinctive songs, the formulas of which long-copied by others and the band themselves, could do that all on its own.

Suffocation - "Effigy of the Forgotten"

one of the first death metal albums I heard and to this day it bloews me away in terms of complexity, brutality, skill and some of the breakdowns are just fuggin' amazing!

listened to daily for the last 12 odd years...