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Dan Swanö

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Nov 3, 2001
Dan Swano to mix the new CD
We are proud to announce that we will be utilizing the enormous talent of Dan Swano for the final mix of "The Pale Haunt Departure." Dan Swano needs no introduction, but for those living under a rock for the past decade, Dan has been involved with some of the most influential and important metal bands of the genre. Only to name a few, bands such as Opeth, Katatonia, Dark Funeral, Marduk, Edge of Sanity, and Dissection have all been a part of the Swano legacy. The entire band being long time fans of Swano's, makes this an incredible opportunity for us and we believe this will not only a perfect choice for our music, but a true gift for our fans, as well as fans of Swano's work.

Recording is scheduled to begin on October 9th, and mixing with Dan should begin in late October / early November.


I am really looking forward to this.
It will be FAT!!

Its a really good news!
Novembers doom makes cool music
And I wish to Dan good luck too!
Keep on dooming :headbang:
Thanatopsis123 said:
Looking forward to it. Maybe I'll start listening to that band again. :)

Hell yeah you should start listening again! ;)

Thanks for the kind words everyone. We're excited to work with Dan. The material is perfect for him to work on, because I know he'll understand exactly what we're looking for, as soon as he hears it. I have confidence this will be an amazing release for us, and now with Dans involvement, it's highly anticipated. (mostly by us! haha)
"Yeah, I'm gonna give them a production similar to "Eliminator" from ZZTop. It's gonna be sooo cool "

Hey, only if we can get Paul to sing "Legs", that would rock hahaha

It's truly a pleasure and an honor to have Dan mix this album for us. I've been a huge fan for years and I'm very much looking forward to this. Not to mention he has impeccable tastes in music, according to what I read of his favorite cds on his personal site! hehe

Thanks for the kind words everyone, hope you're pleased with the final product!

This is amazing news, without a doubt. the guys in ND are good friends of mine, as well as great individuals. It should be a fun time indeed. I'm eagerly awaiting the anticipated result. I've heard one song that's going to be on the disc, and I can hear bits and pieces of what would be accented by Dan's excellent studio skills. If there's anyone out there who wants to hear a great example, check out the Godgory albums "Sea Of Dreams", and "Shadows Dance", which he both produced and mixed. Good luck to both parties.