Do you think we're forever?

Hey don't say that! We have lives...every time you put on an Opeth album you experience more than those rap and pop fuckers do in their entire worthless, ignorant, full of shit, lives...
I would rather sit at home every day, and listen to Opeth & other good bands, and go out to see a show once in a while, than go out every night wearing pants that are six times my size, therefore nicely exposing my ass to the surrounding public because you know how that's "cool", and walking around as though I have a limp even though the only part of my body that's seriously fucked up is my god damn brain from constantly listening to some drug dealer singing about the life on the streets!!!
Are we forever? Hell, fucking, yes we are forever...And you know why? because we can spell the word forever without having to stop for ten minutes and think about it, and because we are inteligent enough to figure out what pants size we actually need, and because we don't refer to our friends as "dogs" and because we are not confused about our race, and because we can talk without having to move every other part of our bodies other than lips. Yes we are forever, and if not, we fucking should be!
ya got 3 out of 4... Swano sang the song, yes... who wrote those lyrics?

Seriously, though, (actually answering to what I believe is the intended topic of the thread) I guess it comes down to the existence of a "soul", doesn't it? I don't think I've ever denied the concept of some form of life force that trancends the few short years we spend on this planet. That may be because we're all spiritually linked to this knowledge that death couldn't just be it, that there has to be something... or maybe it's just that percieving it's own non-existence is too much for our brains to handle without a hamster falling of it's wheel somewhere.

Oh well, we'll all find out soon enough...
That is one of the hardest questions, if the THE hardest question, ever posed to man kind.

US, ME, I, that's all we really have, and all we really know. To think that at some point, that no longer exist... we can't really grasp that notion... that's why probably every religion or culture has SOME theory of life after death and the existance of a soul... even some atheists. Yet, we all fear of death, even if we believe afterwards we go on to lead a new life or go to heaven. Because we can never really know. And that's what's so frightening about death... something will happen to us, we don't know why, we don't know if we'll still be there to know.... If our own conscience is gone... then what is left??
well now, we can all speak from our personal experience, and I don't know if every single raper fits my description because I don't know every single one of them personally ...I was just stating what they are usually associated with, and I think for most part my description is quite good, for a certain age bracket that is... And honestly, I don't know why am I even explaining this, I don't like the fuckers...It's that simple....Some may say that I'm just as ignorant as they are , but I don't give a shit....I don't like them, and they don't like me...We mutually hate each other....I hate other things about them too...I hate how some so called "musician" can spend nine month per year in jail, than come out and make a record about his "home dogs", and how horny he feels, and how harsh life is, and that record will sell a million copies the first week it's in stores...while half way across the world real musicians like Opeth will pour their hearts into writing real music, and they will bleed and sweat on stage every night for the small fraction of what those fucking convicts are making... I also hate those who idolize this scum....those who are convinced that these people are sending an important message for the entire world to hear...The English language does not have a word to describe how fucking stupid these people are...I blame MTV...Every time you flip to that channel there should be a warning saying, "Watching this channel may cause irreversible retardation. Especially harmful to women who are nursing or pregnant!" I could go on for days on this subject, but I'll say just one more thing...I am not a racist. I don't discriminate against people based on their race, I discriminate against people based on their musical preference...
Thank you Mikael is God, and godisanathiest I hope you like this reply better than the last one...
How say that about an entire group of people? Opeth fans are different and have different tastes so surely rappers are as well? How would u like it if they started saying all opeth fans were "stupid biggotted self important fools" or "dirty goths" or sumthing cos it amounts to the same thing. Also
how can you say you don't like the people just because of the music they listen 2??? That is ridiculous, it's like me saying I wouldn't be friends with someone because they listened 2 pop.
I agree the musical merit of rappers is debatable, but if thats what people like 2 listen 2 y not just let them listen 2 it without imposing sweeping generalisations, just because of their musical taste?

I'm also sure there are rappers out their who do pour their hearts in2 their lyrics as well, I mean as a genre rap most was started by the oppressed, black inner city teenagers, who porbably had a lot to say and that was the only way they could think of getting their message across. They have just as much right as bands like Opeth 2 make their "music" even if its not 2 ur taste. I know rap has come a lot more commercial since, so the argument doesn't really apply nemore, but there are still rappers who use their music as a form of social protest. I never said u were racist, but what you are doing amounts to the same thing. You are making sweeping generalisations and judging people solely on their musical taste, which 2 say the least I don't think is a good idea.

I did like that reply better cos at least u gave some reasons:)
I don't believe anything is forever. To me, infinity (forever) is a concept. It hasn't been, or will ever be proven. To say space is endless - how do we know? Do we have the ability to see far enough to make that determination?

If I had a prior life, I don't remember it, so I can't prove that I'll go onto the next one, although I do believe in the afterlife - I just can't explain it. But, how many afterlifes are there?

OK - I guess after all the above crap I just typed, my answer is no.