Does this forum have a most liked band?


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Jul 17, 2003
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I was looking at that Rob :zombie: thread and it got me thinking about how much this forum basically hates everything. Name off any metal band and at least half the people will be all over the thread saying how much they suck ass. When I say atleast I mean at the least. It always turns into a 1 on 5 argument (usually the same 5) with the one guy trying to defend his taste for a page or 2.

So I challenge GMD to find out what band it likes a lot.

Probably not a Death/Black Metal band. With Death/Black Metal bands, if they sell a lot of albums people will begin to loathe them, and when they don't sell enough people haven't heard them. Then there's the crowd that doesn't like DM/BM vocals.
Probably not a fantasy swords & dragons and whatnot metal band because so many people will have their big GAY stamp ready to plaster all over them.
Probably not anything too proggy because for some it goes over their heads, for others it's too wanky. Then there are some around here who like it brutal and stupid, no more no less. Prog can be brutal, but whatever, that's not what this thread is for, so shut up.
Probably not an old school band because there's quite a bit of ignorance about the past greats around here. But still, I'd say Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden might be contenders.
A lot of people like Opeth, but their is still a sizable majority (me included) who are not fans.

I have noticed Pentagram has been getting a lot of love recently, but their are plenty who haven't heard them.

My guess if a consensus could ever be reached, which I doubt, it would be a thrash band, or a classic metal band.

This is what makes metal so cool though, it has a large variety and a large variety of fans :)
this forum is comprised entirely of people who hate each other and it thrives on people insulting each others' musical & sexual preferences so i'd wager NO
Demilich said:
There still aren't many people stupid enough not to like Primordial are there? :loco:
you'd think that, but i'm sure the greys will come around soon to splurt out a few cubic tons of verbal fecal matter like he tends to
Décadent said:
Manilla Road. Surely.

anyone how doesn't like manilla road has A HUGE DISTENDED ANUS AND SWOLLEN PROSTATE because they've a DICK LOVING FAGGOT and possibly A DIPPY BITCH WITH NO SELF-RESPECT, and also a prostate gland which is sort of gross
I think most could come to a consenus over slayer
How bout kreator - they are a pretty cool band
I haven't heard anything bad about The Chasm, Agalloch, Slough Feg, or Bathory (cept they greys,I don't see where he is coming from)
There are a few, myself included, who think The Chasm are pretty overhyped. Primordial and Arghoslent too.

I think most of the intelligent people here like Darkthrone quite a bit. Burzum and Immortal also are very well liked. I think in the Immortal thread a while back almost everyone liked Immortal's work at some point in their career.

Opeth is too polarizing, and the Opeth board has a sizeable enough community that Opeth is not talked about super often here.