death metal band with most outstanding recording history?

Dismember only released one great album which is like an everflowing stream.
Carcass and Bolt Thrower, naturally. I would also add Deicide, though of course I am aware that the predominant opinion is that they suck ass post the self titled album, which I find odd as I enjoy all their albums: yes, even the latter roadrunner albums that the band hated themselves.

Other than them, Obituary have yet to put out an utterly sucky album (though they have come perilously close once or twice), but if you're willing to let me stretch the pure definition of "death metal" a little, I think my vote would probably end up with The Crown, who never put out an album that was below an 8/10.
Even though Suffocation is one of my favorite bands, I don't think they were the most consistent. Breeding the Spawn and Souls to Deny had serious production problems and the songs on Souls weren't terribly good either. There S/T is ok, but not nearly as good as Effigy or Pierced
Ridiculous exaggeration? I think not. Spheres was a drastic stylistic change. They had previously incorporated very slight progressive influences on Testimony of the Ancients (this can probably be credited to the loss of Martin van Drunen and the gain of Cynic's Tony Choy). Still, the album did not betray their past and was a good, if not great, technical Death Metal release. Spheres saw them take a completely different path of jazz/fusion/progressive metal which in itself was a complete flop and caused the band to disintegrate. It is an utter abomination when compared to Consuming Impulse (arguably the heaviest, most devastating 80's Death Metal record).

Spheres was not very progressive at all, it contained very standard song structuring and the riff patterns themselves were not much of a departure. The standout changes were the obvious jazz influence, ambient sections/guitar synths and strange notes/chords used. Anybody who's heard a bit of Pestilence will recognise it instantly. It was far from a drastic stylistic change.

As stated by Sabin Frost above it was ahead of its time and therefore not well received much like Atheist or Cynic nor did they disband because of it.

It is far from an abomination if you have ears.