Most badass thing a band has done...

How is injuring or killing audience members badass? It's fucking disrespectful is what it is. People pay to come see your show, not to get random objects hurled at their faces.

shut up and go watch some metalocalypse.

every concert should include one of the following:
summoning of an ancient troll (see episode called "dethtroll")
severe coffee burns (see first episode)
people smashed underneath the stage (see first episode)
instant depression (see episode called "bluesklok")

and more.

well when i get an extreme band going i'm gonna vomit at every show. yay.
Most badass concert moment:

Who says the handicapped can't crowd surf? :lol:

I like the "what the fuck" look on some of the band members' faces.
I have to say the guy in the wheelchair crowd surfing is pretty kick ass. Wish I could know if it was willingly, or forced.
I've a person in a wheelchair moshing. He got tipped over (he ran into this dude and caught him with his side, and fell backwards, or some shit, I was high. Nobody intentionally tried to tip the dude over.), a bunch of people helped him up, and he just wheeled himself back into it. It was bad fucking ass.
As mentioned already, the murders committed by Burzum, Emperor, and Dissection members. As for live things, I heard that some guy in one of the major Norwegian bm bands (either Emperor or Mayhem) keeps a bad with a decayed Raven in it, and he brings it one stage with him and takes whiffs of it to get "the stench of death." I think it was either Ihsahn or Dead, but I am not sure.