Most badass thing a band has done...


Feb 22, 2007
...or gotten their audience to do during a live performance.

I haven't been listening to metal all that long, so I haven't been to many concerts or know much about the history. But I've heard some bands (mostly early black metal bands) have done things on stage that have resulted in death or injury to audience members. Just curious what are some of the standouts and most badass things that a band has ever done on stage (or off the stage if it's badass enough)?
How is injuring or killing audience members badass? It's fucking disrespectful is what it is. People pay to come see your show, not to get random objects hurled at their faces.
Lamb of God and thier kickass "Wall OF Death".

The mosh pit splits in half and on the que they rush each other braveheart style.
nec and his friends on a metal festival in 1979