Most badass thing a band has done...

Outside of homicide, was it at a Mayhem concert, I heard, that the band members slaughtered a lamb on stage and hurled its innards into the crowd? Someone got seriosuly injured at that show. There should be a video of it floating somewhere.
^ Running Wild have stayed pretty... consistent...

Imma second the wall of death; never seen LoG live, but a local band instigated that on a smaller scale, and it was quite badass. I got punched in the face. :kickass:
Hmm...I suppose Varg Vikernes, Faust and all those BM guys are pretty badass, and I see its been mentioned.

Despite Metallica selling out, Hetfield's don't-care-what-fans-think attitude is sort of cool. Huh.

And anybody who threw piss balloons at Trivium is badass.
These guys are pretty retarded...but maybe some of you will consider what they do live fun to watch.

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Saw a video of it on youtube, they were playing one of their Metallica-esque songs and out of holy shit nowhere flies this bottle of piss. The song ends and Heafy gets all butthurt and everyone gets their panties scrunched up and start shouting in some ridiculous anthem manner to have him thrown. Then the concert resumes being homo, usual.
^ haha, good post.
Pretty weak but all I could find at the moment. Im sure there's others out there.
best thing a metal band did was make fucking amazing music.

but some Norwegian band, Fuck Forest (or something), got a couple to fuck on stage. that was pretty bad ass, I suppose.
^^^Haha, not really sure how badass that is. But it's certainly cool they found people willing to do that.
Didn't one of the main Norwegian BM bands chainsaw the head off a sheep or goat and injure some guy in the crowd when the head flew off? I'm sure I've got details wrong but I remember something like that happening back in the day.
OK I've foundt the answer to my own question:

It was Mayhem:

'During one such tour in 2003, a concert-goer in Norway received a fractured skull as a sheep head flew from the stage while band member Blasphemer was cutting the head away from the torso.' (from allmusic guide).