so, what is the most universally liked metal band?

Which of the following bands do you like?

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zabu of nΩd

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Feb 9, 2007
This is kind of an extension of Xorv's "in the sake of fairness" thread, just a poll-enhanced version. The goal of this is to determine which is the most universally-accepted metal band in existence.

Of the ten candidates shown above, put a checkmark for each one you listen to. If there are some you haven't actually heard yet, that's fine - just vote for the ones you have heard. But don't vote for a band unless you actually enjoy listening to them!

There's quite a bit of diversity in taste on these forums, so I'm hoping the results will be pretty accurate (assuming that enough people here are informed enough to vote on this). Many of the bands in the poll are ones I've heard praised by both the kvlt extremists and the more traditional/rock-leaning among us.
I voted for Sabbath, Darkthrone, Metallica, Slayer, and Morbid Angel (despite only having heard Altars of Madness).

The rest, I either haven`t heard, are indifferent towards them (Candlemass), or just plain don`t like them (Maiden).
I like all of them. :cool: (whats up with me being the first to vote for Candlemass and Death though?).

Tbh, I've barely listened to either of them, so I could easily change my mind at some future point. For some reason, they just didn't leave an impression on me the first time I heard them.
Heh, Death is probably the worst band on the list though so it is ok that they got the least votes.

Sabbath seems to be winning, as it should be.
Candlemass,Metallica, Death, Slayer, Black Sabbath. Darkthrone-mainly for Soulside Journey. I rarely listen to anything else by them.
Morbid Angel are alright. I don't really listen to Bathory enough to actually want to go out and buy any of their albums.
Same with Iron Maiden.
The problem is in the title.

By saying universially liked, you're pretty much ruling out any extreme metal band, simply because it's such an acquired taste.

It probably belongs to Maiden or Sabbath.
I'm well aware that there's no such thing as a universally liked band. What I'm interested in is not whether there's a band that everybody likes, but whether there are bands that appeal to any type of metal listener. I guess I could have named the thread along those lines, but I don't think the thread title is going to ruin anything.

The idea is that, since there's a fair number of extreme metal fans here, and a fair number of non-extreme metal fans, a significant majority vote for any band would indicate that it's applicable to people on both sides.
Didn't know it was multiple coice but I voted for Death as I think they had a lot of respect and a solid, unwavering discography.

Iron Maiden has the Blaze era as well as a pile of youngsters that can't get into them.

Metallica started out strong then died completely, polarizing their fans.

Bathory has really two different styles and Quorthon's vocals take some getting used to.

Sabbath had three different eras, which should make them easier to like but probably not the case.

Bolt Thrower is one of my personal favorites on here but a lot of people find them boring.
I like most of the bands on that list, but the answer's Maiden

They were the biggest metal act on the planet in the mid-80s, and they're one of the few old-school metal bands that can make a big impact on sales in various markets. You just have to look at A Matter Of Life And Death for that and the success of the current world tour for that. So they've got casual fans on their side

As for the more dedicated or hardcore metal fans, they might have moved on to other bands, but they'll still have respect Maiden. Compare this to Metallica, who have pissed all over their legacy. I'd bet most posters here got into metal in the first place thanks to the Irons. I know I did :kickass:
GOD DAMN IT! I thought we could only vote for one so I voted for Maiden. FUCK. I like most of those bands though, but I've never heard Bolt Thrower. I wish I could vote again.

EDIT --- BTW I'm listening to Bolt Thrower on MySpace right now & this is pretty cool stuff so far.