so, what is the most universally liked metal band?

Which of the following bands do you like?

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Didn't know it was multiple coice but I voted for Death

GOD DAMN IT! I thought we could only vote for one so I voted for Maiden. FUCK.

Nice reading comprehension, guys.

Ozzman: Yeah I dunno why vihris and whoever else keep fucking making this kind of thread...

Wha? I thought the only other one like it was Xorv's. I just wanted to have one with a poll, that's all.

Here's a stupid question: Why the fuck is Judas Priest not on this poll, and Bolt Thrower is? Seriously? Are you trying to piss me off? Because it's working.

Seriously, I didn't just pull these bands out of my ass. I actually spent a fair amount of time scanning through the "10 favorite bands" poll to determine who would be likely candidates. Very few people listed Judas Priest as among their favorites, so I'm pretty confident that they wouldn't have made it far on here.

Sure, they might have been a better candidate than Bolt Thrower, but think of it this way: of all the extreme fans on here, how many would have a tolerance for Priest? It's likely that there's more tolerance among non-extreme fans for Bolt Thrower, so I judged them the more "accessible" band of the two.

someone should make a thread like this for extreme metal bands among metal heads.

I'm sure V5 and Ozzman would love that.

Well, not a definite consensus, obviously. But we can see the trend of our inclinations.

Thank you. At least someone appreciates the work I do around here.
I voted for Black Sabbath. I haven't met one metal head that didn't like at least a few Sabbath tunes.
I'm surprised that so few people here listen to Bathory and Morbid Angel...
I thought it was "what bands do you think are the most respected". I listen to almost all of those bands on the poll and like them. But like I said pretty much every metal fan likes Sabbath.