so, what is the most universally liked metal band?

Which of the following bands do you like?

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I voted Sabbath, Bathory, Candlemass and Metallica (although Metallica less than the rest). I think Sabbath is a necessity, although I know there are some people who don't like them. Bathory definitely as well. The rest are just my opinion.
Bathory isn't a necessity UNLESS you purport yourself to be a fan of "extreme metal."
It's mighty strange of me not to have voted for Bathory, but for some reason I'd laways rather listen to some other band. His material looks great on a CDR. I'm examining Hammerheart at the moment; very shinyo_O

All jokes aside, that's like saying that if you like prog, then you absolutely must love Yes, and if you like metal, then Manowar and Iron Maiden are like air to your lungs. That's not at all true.
I knew I should've voted for everything on that list to avoid being called a nitpicking douchebag again, or something to that extent. :p
I respect all of them, to be honest, I just praise those that impact me the most.
I did some useless work on your mom last night.

she thought the same thing.

i gotta go for bathory, sabbath, darkthrone and maiden.

i have to agree....bolt thrower...really?no way should they be on that list. priest and venom are better choices. and what about king diamond. KING FUCKIN DIAMOND PEOPLE. everyone likes king diamond. and yes, i will say king diamond one more time to make sure you heard me. king diamond.
I can't stand Maiden. There singer makes me wish I was deaf. And their guitar work doesn't make it up enough for me.
I voted for Black Sabbath. I haven't met one metal head that didn't like at least a few Sabbath tunes.

i dont really like any sabbath. then again there are a few songs i dont really hate.

voted for death, morbid angel, bathory, figured the other options would be doin fine without my vote.
Sabbath or Slayer are the correct answers in a general poll to the public (and yes there should be a 'correct' answer, which is the poll result for this forum I guess). Two comments though:
1. Here I would have thought the most appropriate band would be The Chasm. I don't know anyone who has heard them and not at least liked them.
2. What is the point in voting for more than one option? Give an answer and stick with it.