Ever have one of those nights that you drink so much you black out...


Don't you ever get...
Aug 25, 2005
Lost In Necropolis
... And then over the few hours after waking up find out about all the stupid shit you did last night?

Yeah, had one of those last night. Memorial day weekend drinking with the old man and a bunch of his friends... More alcohol then I ever laid my eyes on, and quite possibly beating the amount of drinking I did at CPF (Both nights). I don't seem to remember a god damned thing after midnight. Apparently at one point someone called the cops and I got in an arguement with the cop who came... I'm not in jail though, so I must of been somewhat nice to him! And this time I managed to not find my puke and urine on a bathroom floor! Though, from the stench in the bathroom, I'm guessing I managed to make it into the toilet. My firefox had like 50 tabs opened when I woke up, too... Luckily I don't think my stupidity managed to make its way to UM. And now I nurse one of my nastiest hangovers ever.

Who else had an incredibly drunken memorial day weekend?
Only once, and for the same reasons asked about was it only once. (Not your specific ones, but the topic question.)
Only once, at graduation. Other than that, no matter how wasted I get, I always remember everything that happened.
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[11:22pm] <AnViL> ugh
[11:22pm] <AnViL> i have such a craving for chocolate
[11:22pm] <AnViL> i'm thinkin' of making some muffins
[11:22pm] <AnViL> yes or no
[11:39pm] <NoLordy> yes
[11:51pm] <EricT> balls
[11:53pm] <Liverslap> muffins with chocolate in them...yum
[11:53pm] <Liverslap> or....a muffin filled chocolate!
[11:54pm] <EricT> fuck, is UM dead?
[11:54pm] <NoLordy> Yes
[11:55pm] <Liverslap> yeah its been down for a few hours now
[11:55pm] <EricT> fuck
[11:55pm] <EricT> i'm too drunk for this
[11:55pm] <EricT> only one option lefdt
[11:55pm] <EricT> left
[11:55pm] <Liverslap> lol nice
[11:55pm] <EricT> suicide!
[11:55pm] <Liverslap> look at porn?
[11:55pm] <Liverslap> suicide is the new fad
[11:55pm] <Liverslap> everyone does it!
[11:55pm] <Liverslap> "D
[11:55pm] <Liverslap> :D
[11:55pm] <Liverslap> >_<
[11:56pm] <Liverslap> or....
[11:56pm] <Liverslap> go to yahoo pool, and talk mad shit on the chat room
[11:56pm] <EricT> penis!
[11:56pm] <Liverslap> lol
[11:57pm] <Liverslap> WyldeChile loves the penis
[11:57pm] <EricT> indeed
[11:58pm] <EricT> i'm gonna walk around
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[12:34am] <EricT> fuck... i am t-rashed
[12:35am] <NoLordy> Then wear flannel.
[12:38am] <AnViL> damn UM
[12:38am] * AnViL smacks it
[12:39am] <EricT> peeeeeeeeeeenis'
[12:51am] <NoLordy> Sarapites!
[12:57am] <Liverslap> i have returned
[12:57am] <NoLordy> I'm sweating like a Negro at a KFC convention.
[12:57am] <NoLordy> I need to open the window.
[12:58am] <Liverslap> LOL
[12:58am] <Liverslap> lol
[12:58am] <Liverslap> funniest thing i've heard all da y
[12:59am] <AnViL> hmmm
[12:59am] <NoLordy> No seriously, its like sitting inside a vagina.
[12:59am] <Liverslap> lol
[12:59am] <Liverslap> thats hot!
[12:59am] <NoLordy> The PC heats this room better than the AC unit.

Thats about the gist of it.
I had one of those nights on Saturday. I organized a bbq up at the lake, which turned into camping at a camp site... about 30 people showed up. Went through about 40 burgers. I got smashed, supposedly wondered to someone else's camp site, and pissed in their fire or something.

Wasn't that wild, just went threw almost four 24 cases of beer between 3 of us.
Oh yeah, there were burgers and chicken wings last night... they kicked ass. I like BBQ's.

Haha, my friend is telling me I called him way late last night, and I said "What the hell are you doing calling me this late. You sir... are an asshole", and then I hung up.
I got wasted last night for no particular reason. I went over to a friend's house and just about single-handedly killed a whole bottle of Wild Turkey, whilst also alternately drinking beer and vodka.

I had almost no hangover whatsoever today, though.