Favorite car-album


Careful not to get carried away and hit pedestrians...
I have been driving everywhere for ages now listening to only Opeth and I can tell you it is a beautiful thing! A little disturbing for pedestrians at 9am when they hear a girl (in Holden) fanging past them screaming 'Demon, Demon Of The Fall'? argh ha ha
Justus X:Morningrise is the best album I've ever driven to.
How good it is indeed!
Morningrise was always my favourite, driving around uber-late at night. Especially BRI. I got in two accidents, one while listening to Tool, the other NIN. But I still listen to them when I drive (which is never now, since I have no car anymore, and I live far, far from home).

I really like Massive Attack's Mezzanine when I'm driving and depressed, and Strung Out's Twisted by Design when I feel like speeding.
I like driving in the areas of the lower mainland (Vancouver metroploitan area) where more middle-aged, upper-middle class tend to live, plus some areas where there is a high concentration of wealthy recent asian immigrants (Richmond), and a few that tend to be dominated by mainstream teenagers (homie hangouts) as I've noticed that on the whole, these are the demographics that appear to dislike metal the most. Then I blast Slayer, Emperor, or perhaps some of the heavier Hypocrisy or Edge of Sanity stuff really really loud with all of my windows rolled down.

Other than that, I love listening to Pain - Rebirth, Nevermore - Dead Heart in a Dead World, and various In Flames records on shorter trips, and Devin Townsend's Ocean Machine, EoS's Crimson, and Opeth records on longer trips.

I think I like Still Life best for driving...
My fave driving mix consists of the following
Sonata Arctica-Kingdom for a Heart, Fullmoon
Therion-Selections from Deggial
Iced Earth- Angels Holocaust
Bruce Dickinson-Road to Hell, Tears of the Dragon
OPeth-Serenity Painted Death
Dan Swano- The Big Sleep
Havayoth- Mirrors
In Aeternum- Unhallowed Blood
Dissection- Thorns of Crimson Death

I also listen to a lot of Joe Satriani while driving. And Death....lots and lots of Death.....oh yes, plenty o'Death....Pull the Plug sounds so much better at 110 MPH...

If I want to chill out when I'm driving I'll put on something like Winds, Kvelldsanger by Ulver, or Nightwish...
oh my, tough

Embodyment-Embrace the Eternal
Third Day-Offerings
Zao-Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest
Further Seems Forever- The Moon is Down

Thanks for the suggestions.... although I somewhat refuse to drive around metropolitan Melbourne with "Queen's Greatest Hits" playing at above 2 decibels..... ! :D
Hoser, I did hit a priest. Sometime at the end of October (no, not Hallowe'en). I was production manager for a classmate's film set, and he had me driving shit back and forth - generators, table saws, actors, sound guys. So I drove this actor home, pretty far out of the way.

The sun was setting, and I think there were some forest fires in the area, so it was VERY orange. I had my visor down and my sunglasses on, and I was finding it difficult to watch my speed. Anyway, this guy in front of me stopped, but I couldnt see his brake-lights because they were basically the same colour as the sky that was blinding me. So I slam on the brakes, skid a lil, and rear end this car. My right front bumper collides with his centre rear bumper.

The guy with me, the sound guy, throws the $20,000 audio recorder onto the driver seat as I run out... the table saw in the back (station wagon) flew forward and made a dent in my roof, but my music kept playing! Once I got back in the car, it was the "crickets" part of Disgustipated by Tool. Heh. But let's back up a bit.

So jump out of the car as this hysterical wife woman is screaming - there's two infants in the car, one probably 6 months, the other a year. And one's crying, the other's laughing. The one who's crying quickly begins to laugh as well. So they seem fine. The husband (who has a mullet) says that he won't move, and won't tell me why. I finally press the answer out of his wife, he has a, and I quote "Pre-existing neck injury, which he believes may have been re-activated." And despite the fact that I've been as helpful as possible, he seethes "Once the police get here, everything will be allllllright".. So the cops come, don't charge me, the guy walks to his ambulance, and I go home.

Six weeks later, my mother tells me that the insurance thieves have called and that they called him"Reverend".. so I discover that I hit a priest. Nothing came of it - no charges or subpeonas (knock on wood).. and the car has since totalled itself against a pole (love icy roads).. And this is why I no longer drive!

He did seem kinda vindictive for a priest. Oh yeah, and a friend of mine lived about 2 door down from them, so I'd go to visit him and check out if their car was repaired yet (I didn't bother with mine) - took them many months. Have no idea if they even claimed it.

Bah, that's my story