Official : Wasting Love


Apr 12, 2001
Well I have about 5 seconds of acoustic guitar to record so I should have my track online tomorrow. Eddy your doing the other guitar on this aren't you?

I think we also need a bass player on this one :)
IC - Your acoustic guitar sounds awesome! You got a very full and clean recording of it! Bravo mate! You'll need to tell us how you recorded it...I was blown away.

What kinda acoustic did you have again? I might have to go get one!
Thanks guys. Its only a temp mix, im hoping it will turn out a million times better in the end.

Rabs, do you think when I get my new hotrails in it will make my lead sound better.. because its so aweful.. I can't stand it. Maybe some EQing times to getting it sounding better :)

The acoustic guitar is a Maton which I believe is an Australian brand. Its very nice. I bought it second hand (still wasn't cheap) and got it fixed up with good pickups etc. So to record it I just ran it through my effects pedal with no preamps of anything (in tunning mode) and straight into my pc. So I didn't have to mic it up or anything :)
i still cant access mm's account...but ill get your mix sure itll rock crossy....!!!

And id just like to say.... SINGLE COILS SUX....... heheheheh :D

Thin thin thin..... wouldnt even dream of playing a guitar with single coil pups..... the guitarist in my band bought a american fender strat a while ago..... and with his stock singles that guitar was awful...... then a couple of weeks later he fitted a hot rail in the bridge,....and it was soooooooooooo much fatter man....sounded like his sg.....!!!!!

Humbuckers are the only way to go for rock, metal imo.... and when recording leads....for slow loopy bluesy solos......try to use neck pup with tone bout 5..... always a good habbit to learn to roll your tone knob when situation arises....i do it quite often even when playing live.....!!

Youll love it,....!
IC - It will help. was such a shame to listen to your mix. Your acoustic playing and sound was spectacular...but then your electric comes in..You can play! Just the way you are recording your electric -and its tone - is just uber-thin! =(

Hot rails will help the base sound of the guitar fatten up. If you are still using the zoom direct in, it may still kill some of the frequencies.