Pharoah said:
As for the "Emo thing", you must work on this one, Jax!

Naah, just gotta let 'em work through their phases. My daughter had her own phase when she was a teen, she liked crap like Nelly, and boy bands like N'Sync, and she came around I'm not worried about it. ;)
Don't have kids, but I seem to have a pretty usual relationship with my parents...

I work things out very good with my mom, but not the same 'bout my dad... we just don't like each other, LOL... I mean, we still chat, but definitely not a friendly relationship...

Now, my mom and I, we seem to be like brothers... hahahaha! We chat all the time, we hang out all the time, we fight all the time too! :D

But, after all, it's a wonderful world...
My mom is a professional singer/instructor and will only listen to music with vocalists she considers "perfect". Lots of Josh Groban and Clay Aching around her...

My dad's really into jazz, folk, and classical. He doesn't seem to mind the much slower prog stuff. Nothing fast or heavy for him, though.
I have a mediocre relationship with my parents. My Mom is convinced I'm going to Hell, but she'll get over it. :loco: Usually she only calls me if her church needs help with their computers. My step-father is the reason I moved out at 16; nowadays we basically say "Hey" and that's about it. My relationship with my parents can be summed up by a conversation my wife had with my Mom.

Maria: Do you know how Gary paid for college?
Mom: We just figured he was selling drugs.

Yep. It's great to have your middle-class, Bible-thumping (they're not that thumping) parents think so highly of you. In actuality, I worked 4 jobs at a time and played music on weekends to pay for college. As for music, if it ain't about God, my Mom doesn't listen to it. This from the woman that used to love Kiss.

I only see my Dad once in a great while, but he's a good guy. Blue-collared. Hard worker. He's into classic rock.

As for my kids, I've got a 12 year old girl who listens to the typical boy-toy crap but I've gotten her hooked on a few of my CDs (Odyssey is one of her favorites). She's started teaching herself piano (with my help) and loves to beat the crap out of the drums. My son is 9 and doesn't really listen to music. And then the new son is 11 months old and LOVES the drumset!
My parents are all pretty cool. My mom is the only one that gets on my nerves, but it's only because of her protective nature. She goes a bit overboard sometimes. She influenced me a bit as far as music goes because she was in to Punk bands like Green Day(back when they were worth listening to).

My StepDad is pretty much awesome. We never have any problems with eachother and share alot in common musically. Both enjoy Thrash bands like Metallica, yet he also like bands like Rush, and Yes.

My Dad has been my greatest influence when it comes to music. He got me in to Kiss, Van Halen, Poison(no flames please lol), Metallica, Led Zepplin, and Rush. I love him more than he knows and we have a great relationship. I hang out with him on a regular basis and we have alot of fun. He somehow seems to have balanced out being a father and a friend at the same time. He knows when it's time to lay down the law and when to let stuff slide. Basically as long as I do well in school, he doesn't care what I listen to or what clothes I wear.

My StepMom is alot of fun. I've known her since I was 3 so she just seems like another blood related parent to me. She likes alot of Hip/Hop, Trance, and Alternative Rock. I haven't taken any musical influence from her really. Although I am a big Electronica listener.(HTID) We have a good relationship and she doesn't care what I do as long as i'm happy with it.

My friends are the ones who introduced me to Prog Rock/Metal so I guess I owe them that.
My Mom and Dad were divorced when I was 6 months old. It is not a bad thing as I was blessed with a pretty extended family due to it.

I am blessed in the fact that both of my parents are living and healthy. They both love their long-haired 38 year-old son with all of their heart as does my step-Mom Sherry who has been in my life for about 34 years or so.

I do have a child.... his name is Koji and he is 16.5 months old. At his age, I am teaching him how to climb down stairs without busting his ass and teaching him words like "ball" and "cookie" etc. He already is VERY familiar with music and knows that a guitar needs to have it's strings picked. He loves to strum the strings on my guitars. Even at his tender age, he has a musical preference (or at least one song.) Unfortunately, it is not metal, but a cousin...... classic hard rock. He loves April Wine's "Sign of the Gypsy Queen" for some reason. I rarely listen to that song, but once I gave him the headphones with that song playing and he was hooked.
All I can do is hope to be the best parent I can and guide him in a positive way. I will teach him right from wrong , as well as the value of working to achieve your goals.

Bryant said:
All I can do is hope to be the best parent I can and guide him in a positive way. I will teach him right from wrong , as well as the value of working to achieve your goals.


Good for you, Bryant. Man, it's great to read your words. Wish you guys all the best this life can offer.
I'm 18. Love my parents.

My mom is more of a friend who is a parent sometimes. She's young at heart and is into a lot of hip hop music. She supports my music and cried when she heard my bands first recording (in a good way haha). Her family is awesome. Loud and Italian! Just went to my first family reunion ever last night. Found out I was related to people who I've known through school... good thing I never had sex with any of em, haha.

My dad's pretty cool. Believe it or not his love for motorcycles and my love for drums is a common ground. We can relate in the visual sense of them and we refinished my drum kit together and I'll help him with his bike. We've seen Ozzy together :) His family kind of sucks and their all crazy.

My girlfriend is living with us as her family sucks balls. My parents love her and treat her like one of their own. It's cute when I come home and her and my dad are watching Gilmore girls or something.

I live in a 3-family apt. Me, my parents, and my gf on the 1st floor. My annoying but nice grandparents(dads side) on the 2nd. And my uncle(dads bro.), his gf and his daughter on the 3rd (but their moving soon).

Side-note, I'm just now realizing that when my grandparents take their annual 5 month trip to Florida, all I have to do is make sure my parents are out and I can rock the fuck out all hours of the night on drums! :headbang: (I work the overnight shift so I usually sleep during when I can play drums)
ok, I try to answer it too...

My dad simply hates my music. all of it. when he hears it, he can't stop complaing. He believes that the music he loves- is the best one. we don't really talk and share things, but he is a really good father.

my mom died when i was 13. i started to listen to metal near that age. The first band i've heard was dream theater. she heard "another day" of DT, and she really liked that song and wanted me to play it again for her. i remember that i was excited because of it, because she was quite sick. i believe that she would try hearing my music and was supportive, even though she wouldn't like most of it.

My dad and I get along very well, but it's hard to tell what exactly he thinks of my music (which is mostly power and progressive metal, as you might imagine). I don't play it on the stereo that often anyway, and the times when he's around when I do, he almost always just acts as if it weren't playing. However, the few comments he's made have been either neutral or slightly mocking. When he listens to music (very rare unless he's doing jobs around the house or driving), it's almost always smooth jazz (which I like) or occasionally mainstream pop (which I despise).

My mom, with whom I get along even better, is much more receptive to my music. She has told me several times that she's liked something that I was playing on the stereo, and shows genuine interest in what I like to listen to, but she's always passive about it - I would be quite surprised if she ever listened to some of my music on her own (although she did agree a few days ago to listen to the entirety of V with me, and she said it was wonderful). I don't see her ever becoming enamored with metal, because it doesn't seem to click as much with her as it does with me, and I think she'd rather listen to lighter, more whimsical music more often.
get along fine with my parents for the most part, and in terms of music, i don't know that my mom cares one way or another what i listen just aslong as i turn it down when she has to be up at 4:30am for work the next day.

My dad used to play in a classic rock cover band when he was in and just out of high school. he still thumps around on his guitar on his own, and we like to go see some shows together once in a while... We've seen deep purple, G3(with yngwie), metallica, and Queen together most recently. a bit further into the past he's taken me with him to see Neil Diamond... Not exactly a metal god but the guy puts on a good show IMO.

In terms of my own guitar playing, my parents are more enthusiastic about it that I am... my dad keeps asking me why i'm not in a band right now, and my mom sometimes brings how business cards for places i can go and take more lessons or for people who i could go jam with. for now, i'm happy with just being a bedroom hobbyist.
I've been a musician my entire life, and when I played french horn my parents were extremely supportive of it (lessons, summer camps, etc.) but when my interest turned more to prog metal they just stopped talking about it or taking an interest. I wonder if that is why they keep subscribing me to christian newsletters...
I get along with my parents well. I wish I could spend more time with them, really. But, work is great, huh?

My parents were both supportive of everything I did growing up. My parents were at every soccer game I played in. Even when we lived in Brussels, they drove hundreds of miles to attend my brother's football games or my sister's volleyball matches. That's huge and it taught me much about being a parent and supporting your kids. I can't say they appreciated my band t-shirts or even like my music, but they didn't stifle my tastes in anyway. And I could go to any and every concert that came into town (which I pretty much did).

I have a four-year-old daughter and a five-week-old (to the day!) son. They are fantastic kids. My daughter loves Disney. I hate being away from them all day to be at work, but somebody has to pay the bills. I give her her bath/shower each night, and I read her stories and sing to her before tucking her in. My son is pretty much constantly attached to the boob all day, but he's getting around to smiling and cooing. Although my daughter said she wanted to "throw [her] brother in the trash" the other day, they get along great so far and there hasn't been much jealousy on my daughter's part to the new arrival. The cats, on the other hand...
1.My parents and i get on akay most of the time...with getting into metal/rock they were a bit reluctant (naive) at first...but when i returned from a David Lee Roth (when i was 13) concert and wasn't a heroin addict they eased up a bit. Helped me out buying first guitar/amp and were supportive ever since.
A few rough years/periods with them when they didn't quite get the concept of letting me go out into the world and make mistakes and learn from them....usual sort of shit.....

2.I have a 7 yo son.....i am still his hero.....expecting that to change in the next few years though :)
If I ever have kids I'm gonna lock them in the basement and make them practice instruments.

Sure, they'll hate me, but they'll be able to shred like a motherfucker!
my dad likes some metal I listen to and supports my guitar playing,my mom hates it and threatens to come in my room in the middle of the night and shave all my hair off.haha