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Yeah FEAR had its moments... I finished it with my roomate. We were just a little disapointed cause we've played the demo a lot and both found it very good. But when we first played the retail version we kept seeing all of those sections used in the demo throughout the first like 7-8 levels. Anyway, it's just that they put all the best in the demo so the expectations were high. You have everything in the demo except the big fuckin explosive shotgun (...or whatever its called) and the big Mech. robots.

Anyway, still a great game - I also admit I had more fun playing this than DOOM III. For the suspense, you actually didnt know what was goin to happen this time. Had lots of fun decapitating heads with the shotguns and nailing NPCs to the walls (..and most probably hitting them after).

I played a bit of Call Of Duty 2 which was pretty decent also! Gotta try Quake 4 !
_Zsuzsa_ said:
Unhappy with it? Why?

It has been switched around 3 times so far by three different small companies that have been working on it with Blizzard. You know how Blizzard is. Now it is outdated and totally late getting out and they just wan't to get it out asap.

That is what I read on the bnet forums from a dude that attended Blizzcon and talked to a Blizzard developer there.

I personally am hoping for Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2. Either of those comes out and all hopes of my parents ever seeing a grandchild will be crushed.