PC Games

Johanna said:
BUMP. Recommend me good games please??? someone?!?!?!?

Fahrenheit. Go and get it, you won't be dissapointed. (it's a tad bit short but the amazing story and atmosphere is gonna make up for it)

I just finished the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 as well. Expected something better tho.. Next I should try should be either Still Life or Word of Warcraft.
WoW's fantastic, I waste a lot of time finding metal references in it! There's loads of stuff in it that reminds you of Hammerfall (to the point there's a village called ''Hammerfall'' XD)
Thanks for the tip Zsu, will look it up. And Tut, hows fable? Im kinda curious about that game.
_Zsuzsa_ said:
Strange, I didn't get into Fable at all. After Fahrenheit, the passivness of the main character was so dissapointing :p
well, i must admit
i find the gameplay a bit yucky because it's videogame based, but the "technical" side of the game made me fall in love with it. It's just like The Sims, the gameplay got me bored pretty soon, but i thought the game ruled anyway because the way the sims behaved.

AI based games rule :headbang:
AND pushed out a lot of crappy SW games... (SW would have deserved better >;( )

Btw, I came across WoW today in the game shop but DAMN, the price tag kept me away from it; with the game card alltogether it'd have been friggin' 70€! No way i'm payin that shit! :(
On monday I'm gonna check out for some PS2 games tho, cos I put the stuff together today, now I need games to play on it ;] I'm guessing it'll be Soul Calibur.. ;)
predator666 said:

this black guys is great.... sound quality sucks... video aulity sucks... but a great video all around

Dude, that is so last year.

@Zsu: Yea, Fahrenheit is badass. Though, I played F.E.A.R. all the way through and holy shit....it was badass.

I deleted the .iso file for Fahrenheit so it ceased to run (needs the .iso to have it act as a DVD-ROM image) so I had to uninstall it. It was a pretty badass game but after playing F.E.A.R., it's really hard to think it was as badass.

NP: Nevermore - Timothy Leary
Haven't played FEAR but the military theme kinda keeps me from it.. and it can't possibly be better than Fahrenheit! ;D

Well, I made a bid for Soul Calibur 2 on huuto.net, let's see how it comes about ;)

Btw, anyone tried Still Life?