Poll: Darkane or Soilwork

Both bands are from Helsingborg, Skåne, Sweden. While Soilwork plays melodic death metal the Gothenburg way, Darkane plays thrash metal quite similar to Strapping Young Lad and Meshuggah. I must say that I prefer Soilwork. Darkane´s music is quite good, the musicianship is excellent (especially the drumming) but the vocals are terrible. Well, not terrible, but not very good. The singer, Andreas Sydow, used to sing in more melodic Heavy Metal bands and you can easíly hear that he´s not used to sing in the more aggressive way that is found on Darkanes new album Insanity.
So my advice is that you buy Soilworks new album. By the way, did you know that Soilwork is Rob Halford´s new favorite band?
Yeah I would have to go with Soilwork even though I don't really like the clean vocals on A Predators Portrait, it's better sounding than Insanity.
Yeah Darkane are swedish.
I really liked Rusted Angel, not so keen on the new one though.

Not overly keen on Soilwork either their okay but nowt special, you should be listening to The Crown (don't you agree winter-frost :))

Yes, Darkane is swedish. Helsingborg is a swedish city, located in the southern part of Sweden, and only about 6 kilometers from the danish city Helsingör. The only thing that seperates the two cities is Öresund.

Yup, The Crown is so much better than both Darkane and Soilwork. Their latest album, Deathrace King, is a masterpiece of catchy and melodic death metal with great influences from both thrash metal and punk. Even better is At The Gates (by the way, their singer Tompa Lindberg is now in The Crown). At The Gates last record, Slaughter Of The Soul is easily one of the best death metal albums of all time. The Haunted is better than Darkane and Soilwork, too. Their Grammy award winning The Haunted Made Me Do It is a must-have. Damn, we have many good bands in Sweden! =)
I haven't heard any Darkane or Soilwork's latest, but I like Steelbath Suicide and the Chainheart Machine quite a bit. I hope they get a US Tour this summer. They are currently supposed to play at Milwaukee Metalfest this summer, at least as of now.
Soilworks newest album A Predators Portrait sounds nothing like Steelbath Suicide or The Chainheart Machine. But I guess they couldn't of made another Chainheart Machine album because it would of been hard to beat the first.
I haven't heard Darkane, but I bought "A Predator's Portrait" by Soliwork a few weeks ago! IMO, a great band, but then again I don't really like bands with dark, grunting vocals, except when it's Mikael of Opeth doing it...