Relating to Katatonia


Inside the Fall
May 27, 2001
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Can any of you relate completely to Katatonia's songs? I know, for myself, I can relate 100% to every song! It's like they know the story of my life and can turn it into great songs. Its really weird though, but I guess that's why I like them so much. What do you think? Can you relate, too?
Jhva elohim meth %97
Gateways of bravement %98
For funerals to come %99
Brave murder day %100
Sounds of decay %100
Saw you drown %100
Discouraged ones %99
Tonight's decison %100
Teargas %?? ( i have not get it yet)
Last fair deal gone down %97
and to the band Katatonia %101 (more than perfect! :)
I can't tell 'bout early albums, but since Brave Murder Day -
Yes, absolutely !!!

I think it's just a sign of their truely sincerity.
Every single phrase of Tonight's decision can describe my soul at that moment, I've heard it first time.:cry:
Word by word I don't think I could relate to any entire lyric of Katatonia. But I can relate to almost everyone judging by the feeling and the mood in the lyrics. And of course, what it means to me. Not to you.
The songs of katatonia are entered in my life in a very orribol time and they've saved me from the decadence!
I must say thanks for all the support that I've recived from them!;)
I'm sorry for my inglish,but I'm italian!
I hope that you can understand what I mean!
Now I'm listen the' my favorite of this album!
...and you what is your preferite one?
Not word by word for your opinion and not song by song for mine.. How can you relate every song to yourselves ?

Still relating some of them, sometimes..