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Nov 15, 2001
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I've been into Katatonia, but they've never been a FAVORITE band of mind. My favorite band has been Opeth for the last 4 years or so, and I picked up a copy of Tonight's Decision after hearing it being talked about on the Opeth board. At first I was a little dissappionted because I didn't think they sounded at all like Opeth, which is what I was led to believe. But it was still a disc that got frequent spins on my player. I picked up a copy of BMD then and I absolutely almost shat at my pants... obviously the Opeth influence is there a lot more... and I almost didn't stop spinning that one. Well... I was positvie I wasn't to give up Katatonia at this point as I finally picked up the much hyped Last Fair Deal Gone Down... going into it knowing it wouldn't be like Opeth. By this time I was well versed into Katatonia that they had changed into a more melodic, simple, doom band with clean vocals... which I love in the right mood. The same thing happened without the dissappointment that first hit me with Tonight's Decision. I really liked the album, but it still didn't do much for me... but again... it got plenty of spins. I picked up Discouraged Ones and I thought it was awful... I didn't enjoy the production I thought the vocals were weak and that it was such a simple and boring album. Then the turning point came... Viva Emptiness was bought the day it came out and it all changed from there. Suddenly I'm listening to Katatonia more than Opeth almost. I listen to Viva almost everyday... I'm loving Discouraged Ones now... LFDGD is fucking brilliant and so is Tonight's Decision. Katatonia takes a different look and a while to get into... but I'm hooked now and they will always be one of my favorite bands. One thing that really helped was understanding the lyrics... they really hit you hard. I believe Viva Emptiness is the all time greatest effort of the new Katatonia sound, as it brought the revalation of their greatness to me... they are brilliant musicians and I raise a glass to their entire collection. This is my first time postin gin this forum and this is my way of saying hi. Cheers!
Welcome, although I don't post here very much. Katatonia are definately influenced by Opeth, and vice versa. Hope you have a good time here!