The Car Thread

If I had enough money to buy whatever vehicle(s) I could, they would probably be:

1. New Toyota Tundra. Because I'm a truck guy.
2. My dream car has and always will be McLaren F1. Your hack ass TL will eat shit next to this badboy dave.


I would fucking kill for this car. :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:
true, it's still a sweet and very underrated car

350 Horsepower, 0-60 in 5, solid daily driver that is fairly reliable, decent gas mileage at 19/28, moderately comfortable ride considering it's a supercar.

resale value of it would probably be shit though considering every year they seem to be coming out with new 'vettes.
I have two cars, a 1969 chevy impala, and a 2004 chevy impala.

Im a car freak, the 69 was my first car, and ive had it for 5 years now, ive rebuilt the motor and trans. it came stock with a 327 and a powerglide tranny. bored the block .030" over. put high performance intake, 4 barrell carb, heads, HEI, the whole nine. Went from 235 bhp stock to now 330 hp. I got a turbo 350 waiting to replace the powerglide when i get to it, its also got factory air, and 4 wheel drums baby! Gets an awesome 8 miles to the gallon.

My dream car, however, would be a 1958 chevy bel air impala, black convertible with a continental kit. Sexy.
sweet! a car thread
i dont know much about nice modern cars but i know a shit load about muscle cars and old school shit seeing as most of my childhood i spent most of my weekends at car shows

This is my dads current car which will be mine shortly:


This was his car from like ten years ago he re-did:

and at the moment i cant seem to find his other car but its pretty badass. If i dont get any of these cars i would love to have the something about it i really like.
That gear shift is hella metal x 100 :devil:

Looks like you and your Dad have got quite the obsession happening.
A brief history of my car ownage.


Austin Metro 998cc

Renault Clio 1.4 litre

Hyundai Accent MVi 1.5 litre

Hyundai Coupe SE

Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000 Sport Wagon

Nissan Primera Sport Estate (fits lots of kid/wife baggage in)
The seat mechanism was broken on mine, so that without warning the back of the seat would flop onto the back seats. That was funny when parked, but less amusing on motorway driving. Eventually it just stopped working; a kind of massive "everything fucked at once" type problem that would have meant spending more than the cars worth to repair it.

I once repaired a broken fuse in the car tape player with some silver foil - which was all fine and dandy until it caught fire. Bitch melted my Ethereal Mirror tape! The one with the sweet doom home made compilation on the back! BASTARD!
I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of my beast of a car but I have the name...

It originally started off as the "Raging Pedestrian Grinder" but everytime someone went anywhere with me in the car they added a bit to it, as of today the Car's name stands at:

Lord Admiral Blast's Grim, Cruel, Remorseless, Grotesque, Despised, Nordic, Immortal, Eternal, Pure, Northern, Unholy, Necro, Pagan, True Infernal Frostbitten Norwegian Black Metal Enhanced Speed Metal Custom, Colossal Heathen Barbarian Warlord, Hate Filled, Christ Slaughtering, Face Melting, Jew Annihilating, Seizure Inducing, Church Burning, Slave Making, War Mongering, Holocaust Invoking, Guinness Powered, Boob Fondling, Ass Grabbing, Gunpowder Fuelled, Blood Soaked, Child Beating, Mormon Destroying, Priest Exterminating, Pope Obliterating, Odin Praising, Ra Worshipping, Goat Worshipping, Satan Worshipping, Northern Four-Wheeled Blasphemous Raging Pedestrian Grinder and Ungodly, Unbridled, Unmitigated, Wretched, Insurmountable, Uncharitable, Unwieldy, Undeniable, Unceremonious, Unrelenting, Unimaginable, Uncompromising, Unmerciful, Uncontrollable, Faithless, Accursed, Unearthly, Everlasting, Undying, Monstrous, Demonic, Unstoppable Gargantuan Lumbering War Beast of Piracy, Satanically Baptised, Loyal to the Kingdom of Lordaeron, One with the Dark Side, One with the Burning Legion, The Ineffable King of Hell, Pure Fucking Armageddon, The Dread Lord, The Plague Creator, The Lich King, The Personification of Evil, The Butcher of Bakersfield, The Destructor, The Undoing of the Earth, The Doom of the Living, A Ruined and Terrible form of Life, The End of our Time, A Grand Instrument of Destruction Fuelled by the Venom of Hatred for Man, Beast of Revelation, Tool of Desecration, Lord of Rebirth and Evil, Wielder of the Black Flame, The Spawn of the Twisting Nether, The Supreme Necrotic Audnance, A Great Vessel of Undeath Wreathed in Flame, A Plague Upon this World, Loyal Servant to the True Emperor Darth Sidious, The Meanest, Saltiest and Manliest Machine on the Seven Seas, Grim as Fuck, Cult as Fuck, Brutal as Fuck, Safe as Fuck, Custom-Built, Battle Ready and Polished to the Nth Degree... and Ting... And it Cannot be Bargained With, it Cannot Be Reasoned With, it Doesn't Feel Pity or Remorse, And it Absolutely Will Not Stop Ever, Until You Are Dead.
"The Lich King"!!! You know a Warcraft fan?

I am a Warcraft fan. My old band was called Lordaeron. Death Metal/Black Metal with warcraft universe related lyrics. Entirely my idea, and it ruled.

To be fair the majority of the names of the car I came up with, the Terminator quote at the end for example. Other people came up with individual words mostly.