the first kind of music you listened to

I remember around the age of eight I was listening to Euro-disco. Mostly Swedish bands like Ace of Base and E-Type. THen at the age of eleven a friend of mine bought a Dia Psalma record (Swedish punk) and all of a sudden I was into punk music. I started to listen to Metallica and Maiden at the age of twelve.
Today I still love swedish punk music like Dia Psalma, Asta Kask and The Kristet Utseende.

NP: Morgana Lefay - Red Moon
wait so you're saying that you dont like mainstreem bands, but you like 'underground' bands like metallica and korn and godsmack and kidrock and nin and MM? those are fucking mainstream bands too! but hey we all gotta start somewhere.

i started with like greenday and nirvana and metallica. then i was kinda into korn an limp bizkit an deftones actually before they got popular. then around the time of the first family values tour i didnt care about it much anymore. my friend bought at the gates and iced earth from columbia house, and i bought cof from a store without ever hearing it. and thats the short version of my convert to metal.
The time I was talking about was when Eminem,Ja Rule,Nelly,Blink 182,Green Day,Nsync,etc.were what everyone listened to.Some guys listened to Metallica Godsmack and Korn but no girls did so I was into all of the music that not many other ppl were.And that led me to even less mainstream bands such as Nevermore,Type O Negative,CoF,Pantera and Immolation.
When I was a kid, my mom was into rockabilly and fifties rock. So, I've got this love for Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison. My dad was into psychadelic rock. Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, even Bang (speaking of obscure) and Sir Lord Baltimore. Then, my half brother who was about seven years older than me, moved in with my mom and myself and brought his record collection. This was in 83, so he had Venom, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Metallica, Angelwitch, Celtic Frost. Total old school metalhead.

I went through phases of liking other things, really got into goth rock and industrial, but metal (and fifties rock) are the backbone. Danzig and Carcass were my two lone discoveries, later Emperor and Darkthrone. I can't seem to remember not listening to metal. The first two tapes I ever bought for myself were Quiet Riot "Metal Health" and Twisted Sister "Stay Hungry."

Twisted Sister rules
eh i dont want to argue with you but all the bands you have mentioned so far are pretty damn popular. nevermore is probably the least popular one you've said. maybe immolation too. either way you should try some shit from sweeden and finland. thats where the best metal comes from imo.
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Hair Metal, my mom was into it..I still like a few bands, White Lion, Ratt, and some Winger.

wait - u quote band like white lion and winger metal????? hair metal i never heard till now hahaha
anyway ... I know these bands very well and for a long time and noone ever would call them metal in any way! just good ol´hard rock (white lion ... hm .. smooth and soft, not hard haha)

the topic of the thread ... while my parents were never interested in music!!! I had to discover it by my own ... with a little help of my brother I came into the beatles and .. still love some of their crap! especially Abbey road - which is one of the first albums that came near to the idea of "gothic stile" ... imo :)=
from there on it was ACDC, Kiss, sabbath, and the rest of 70´s rock we listened to while beeing 12 to 14 years of age (what was at the end of the 70´s) and it didn´t really change till some 3 years ago when my girlfriend brought me into metal (real metal, not stuff like white lion muahaahaha) NEVERMORE! was one of the first metal bands I ever listened to haha ... I never ever counted Maiden metal! metallica, well, who cares? slayer ... aah, fuck of, I didn´t like them when they came up in the early 80´s and still don´t like them
enough said
My favourtie bands from Sweden and Finland.

Lefay/Morgana Lefay (Best band from sweden, a mixture between Crimson Glory, Nevermore and Sanctuary).

Tad Morose (Another great metal band from Sweden they sound a bit like Lefay and Crimson Glory)

Gardenian (Melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, a mixture between In Flames and Nevermore)

Sentenced (Best band from Finland, quite soft and very nice vocals).

Children of Bodom (Power death, very melodic)
by country with a short discription:

at the gates (melodic death)
in flames (more melodic than death)
arch enemy (more death than melodic, epic solos)
the haunted (thrash/melodic death)
skyfire (melodic death with keyboards kinda classical)
the forsaken (death with some melody)
in thy dreams(death with some melody)

children of bodom (super classical blackish melodic death)
eternal tears of sorrow (blackish/melodic death with keyboards)
kalmah (similar to both above, 1/2 members from etos but better imo)
amorphis (used to be death now far from it)

as a GENERAL rule, sweedish metal is a bit more melodic, and finish has a bit more of a black metal influence. all the bands above i listen to quite often. none of them are very much like nevermore though. or really any well known american band. good luck i hope you like them!
Thanks for the lists of bands.I've heard of all of them and I think I've heard some of each band.I'd go out and buy the cds,but I have no $$.My parents made a deal w/me that I get $10 for every A i get on my report card...I got my report card today and I don't have any A's so no money for me which means no new cds for a long time.I know,that's a shitty excuse...but it's true!I will keep those bands in mind the next time I go to the record store,though.
Hmm, looks like they left out Hypocrisy, too. New album is iffy, but their self-titled album and Final Chapter are wonderfully twisted slabs of melodic, heavy as hell Swedish death metal. Wish I could have caught them when they came through.

Remember, Impaled Nazarene and Hypocrisy. Less known, but awesome bands.
yeh ive heard both of them. and personaly i wouldnt spend money on either one. she asked for neals recomendations not just a list of bands.