The Maiden Downunder drinking game

Speaking of drinking....

Quite a few of you guys were regulars on our forums over the years, but we've made the decision to shut it down since it's.... well, about as busy as here, really. So I guess I'll be coming here from now on for the annual *glug* comment. :)
The purging of the LORD forum has made our post counts go backwards. That's grounds for glugging a whole keg I reckon! @Lord Tim, you'd have another 14,500+ posts in you to catch back up with no sweat, surely? It was only about 500 for me.

I was thinking that wouldn't typically happen on the classic forums of yesteryear, given post counts were like badges of honour and it wasn't necessarily your fault if a thread turned into such a massive flame war that it had to be nuked from space. Maybe in some cases those moderators were actually just moving the threads to their private crypt to build up evidence against us! Anyway, I'll stop rambling in case it interferes with your keg enjoyment.
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Ah man, I went from nearly 18,000 posts to 2800 :cry:

That deserves a glug for sure! *glug*

One additional glug for me because I lost all of my moderator cred too, since it was tied to the LORD forum primarily. Oh well. *glug*
*glug* Oops, I failed to spell a 3 letter word correctly in my previous post so that seems like reason enough for another *glug*! I fixed it of course, can't have that affecting my reputation. ;)