The SYAN thread

Thanks for thinking of us :cry:

We don't know, but we have something to base an assumption on: The only rehearsal we would have been able to have during the summer months would have been tomorrow, but Toni unfortunately had an incident with a hammer and some of his of-so-precious fingers.

Wait. There's no way to base an assumption on this :Smug: Anyhoo, the reason for not rehearsing is the schedules of us the middle-aged men. Mostly my fault though, as my duties as a summertime wedding singer take practically every weekend.
Hi Farmakon guys. Found "A Warm Glimpse" in a CD store in Australia a few years ago, listened to it all the time on the train. Robin was pretty good, but I think "A Warm Glimpse" suited my mood at the time perfectly. Its cool to see an awesome band having band dramas just like everyone else haha. Love the honesty too.
Thanks, sangreal! Well yeah, official statements for any band, ours included, are always such bullshit. "The band of year, the album of the year, the players of the year." There has to be overhyped salestalk even for the most mediocre stuff. That's fun in a way, but it's nice to have somewhere to look when searching for the more.. "earthly" level of things.

However, in that earthly sense Farmakon may not be the best band to look into. Usually bands rehearse and make lots of effort to get ahead. We don't. Haha. We never did. We tried, I suppose. Toni, feel free to comment, my memory has washed down the pub urinal! During the Glimpse writing era we tried to have 2 rehearsals a week, but my head just would't take it. Once a week maximum. And during the pre and post-Robin era it was about once in two weeks, or less. We played the songs and headed out as soon as possible.

Now that we actually enjoy the rehearsal situation, we don't have time for it. Feck! :loco:
One song ready, two almost ready! At the moment we're going to stop at five and release the songs as MCD or something. Unless a label necessary wants to release them for us.

A few pics for the atmosphere:

Toni, captured in the middle of an esoteric creating process.

Pekka. In this picture he plays bass.

Toni & Riku. "Fuck you!!" "No, fuck YOU!"