The SYAN thread

just had to say I'm definatly excited as hell syan is still in the works and that youtube video was definatly not dumb and got me pretty stoked for syan actually! you guys kick so much ass. Robin and Warm Glimpse both rock so hard with every song all the way through and i am very very much looking forward to this album or atleast some new songs!!!!

i'm your guys's biggest american fan.. i swear. listen to the 2 albums all the time and always tell people about you guys!


Probably this will escalate into violence. Fortunately I'm too lazy to actually push my ideas and the band guys are stubborn enough to resist change, so don't worry! Same shit, different mies & pipa.

Well. If I actually am able to raise my voice: There will be more heavy, technical and fast shit and more authentic jazz thingys (preferably more than random smooth minor 9th chords over walking bass line after several frantic thrash/death metal parts). I hate the gay acoustic guitar bard bits with passion. Ultra-orgasmic would be to play the heavy, technical and fast shit and jazz thingies simultaneously without sounding like over-enthusiastic Mr.Bungle fan on speed. And by jazz I don't mean black men with big horns. I mean the jazz mindset and methodology; innovation, openness and improvisation.

Or, I'll be glad to bend over.

I'm technology-obsessed, so at least the bass sound will be motherfucking perfect.

you sound like your going to be an amazing addition to Farmakon and i can't wait to hear how the new album/LP (or whatever Syan is going to be) is going to be influenced by you. But i really hope the rest of the guys completely make you "bend over" for the whole dis-taste you have for the "gay acoustic guitar bard bits with passion"... because they are the FURTHEST thing from being gay. I'm listening to Robin right now and i really hope Syan has some soul like the first two masterpieces had. But seriously, from that youtube video i can tell you own your bass like it's your bitch and i think your going to kick ass!
Hey, I just gotta say I'm another die-hard fan, even though I just found out about you guys like, last November. But seriously, AWG & Robin are awesome and that video sounded really cool towards the end. Just one request though, the only Finnish word I know is "perkele," so could you guys at least tell me where I can find some translations?
please tell me syan is still in the works... cause if its not i just may have to murder something........

(biggest farmakon fan on the planet)

(( and i would bet money on that))
Seconded. You can't have a "Syan blog video 1" without making a "Syan blog video 2". It makes no sense, and I thought Farmakon was all about being sensible?

Love from the biggest Farmakon fan-who-posts-with-the-username-Rusty-on-UM. And I'd bet almost no money on that.

Another big Farmakon fan here. A new Syan blog video would be nice. Even if it's just you being drunken idiots and all. Hell, any news about Syan would be nice.