What do you like in a girl?

Hey There Musicdreamer_chick,
Well I would say it would all depend on how you define "good" men. But in general, a so called "good" man would look for a nice, most probably good looking and intelligent girl, who cares about him and satisfies his needs..ah well good luck anyhows!:)
she must be intellectually entertaining... that would be a good start. If she can beats where me I'm really good at ( like chess, for example, or counter-strike :D ), that gives her extra points... she must have a good sense of humor... stuff like that...

Of course, she must be attractive. Not the best looking girl around, but, if you're not attracted by the girl, what's the point of being with her???
^ Im with Asmodee there. Attractive but not necessarily "hot", intelligent, interesting, funny.. and the certain something :)
They have to be hot and can't be a poser.

If you stay here you are gonna have alot more problems with "losers", you really have no idea what metal is do you?
Personally, I must admit, that physical attraction is very important to me. I could never date a girl that I am not physically attracted to. Beyond that, I have to like her personality. I want a nice girl that doesn't have a bitchy attitude and isn't full of herself. She also has to be able to carry a conversation, so she can't be a total airhead. She also shouldn't be too materialistic, like many girls are, especially in their later twenties and beyond.
If she gives good head or takes it up the butt then I will probably marry her.
Going for my 5th divorce now :D
What do I look for in a woman?

1st: a vagina.

Hey, I'm a guy! :D

2nd: a brain.

Because once the sex is over, she better be able to keep up with a conversation. :)

3rd: a pleasant personality.

We should be able to get along. I don't want to be fighting with my significant other all the time. :wave: