What gigs have you seen lately?

I saw Living Colour and Extreme at the Forum in Melbourne on Sunday. Great show. It was sold out and they already played a second show a week or so ago. Nuno Bettencourt is a freak and I imagine a lot of people were there to see him.
I caught 2 gigs while I was visiting AU recently. Witchskull/Pilots of Baalbek/Robot God in Sydney, and Hammer of the Gods (Sabbath/Led Zep covers band) in Adelaide. I only saw 2 out of 3 sets of the latter since catching the last bus was convenient for me, but all good fun anyway.
Oh nice one. I've seen Witchskull a few times and Pilots of Baalbek twice, as they're from Canberra.
2nd time I'd seen Witchskull. Good but I was more of a fan of Marcus' previous band Looking Glass which played NZ at least 3 times. Pilots of Baalbek wasn't really my thing at all, apart from a cool psychedelic instrumental - probably the one called Gravitational Pull on their Bandcamp.
Yeah that would have been Gravitational Pull. It's the one closest to Alchemist, which the vocalist/guitarist used to front. I haven't heard Looking Glass but will attempt to.
I saw Suicidal Tendencies in Sydney last week. I was super dooper pumped for it and was not disappointed.
I saw The Darkness the other night. As previously, it was a fun show. Justin Hawkins is a great frontman.