What is your favorite music to work out to?


Black Heart
Aug 21, 2001
Elmhurst, Ill. USA
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If anyone else out there works out (e.g. exercises, lifts weights, runs, ect) regularly- What is your favorite music to work out to? What gets your body going on overdrive?
For me, some of my favorites are-
In Flames
Arch Enemy
Symphony X
Gamma Ray
Primal Fear

I guess for me, the music has to be relatively simplistic and constantly driving. I think that's why theres some power metal on there. As much as I love Opeth, I can't really listen to them when I'm working out.

Anyone else?
Ok....i have been thinking about this for a while now and i have made a list
of my Top 5 Best Work Out Albums........

1.Whoracle-In Flames(Yes....this is the most anabolic album ever made)
2.Mutter-Rammstein(this german shit makes you wanna kick ass)
3.A Predators Portrait-Soilwork(some fast-killer stuff that makes you go wild)
4.Powerplant-Gamma Ray( so fuck the silly lyrics this album rocks)
5.Jaktens Tid-Finntroll(some slow songs but you have to chill sometimes too)

So thats it........... now i have 60 more push-upps to do= )
Before i run any races(spring track or cross country) i love listening to Deftones-Adrenaline. Simple music but very energizing. Funeral Portrait works really well, as with most of blackwater park.
I will work out to anything that is aggressive from the older stuff like Megadeth to any of the newer stuff including Opeth. Some of the ones that come to mind now are:

White Zombie
Metalica's Master of Puppets
Megadeth's Rust in Peace
Pantera's Cowboys from Hell or Vulger Display of Power
Manticora's new one was great yesterday!

Enjoy the moment........
OK I never work out but I have something to say about this topic... Everyone who has the Old Man's Child album with the song "Soul Possessed" (I don't know which album it is on) get out that album and put it on that track!!!! When I first heard the song "Soul Possessed" I just started laughing because I saw people running in place to it in my mind, it was fucking hilarious! I thought so at least, check the song out let me know what you think!!! :lol: :loco: :) :D :p
I don't work out (although sometimes I do get the bug and go to the gym every once in a while), I'd have to say the best things I can think of are both the Politics of Ecstacy and Dead Heart in a Dead World albums by Nevermore....plus if you could also toss in some pre-Countdown Megadeth while you're at it... :p
I work out on a Nordictrack 4-7 days a week, but am unable to do it to music.

I watch TV, because it is a distraction from the pain of exercise. When I listen to music, the beat effects my pace, and with the music I listen to, I usually can't keep up, and when I try to pace myself different than the music, I find that difficult.
I work out pretty regularly. Contrary to what some may think about me, I don't spend all my free time hitting the bong and antagonizing others, hhehe.

Slayer is my music of choice for working out, particularly the albums Reign in Blood and Divine Intervention. Very agressive and high energy stuff! Although they tend to scare the shit out of my cockatoo (also named Satori), I think he's finally seeing the beauty in the evil darkness and he sometimes quickly bops his head up and down to the speedy beats. In that respect, I guess Slayer is both our favourite music for working out.

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