Who are you?


The Ogre
Jun 19, 2005
Just a thread to introduce ourselves a little to the other members of the forum...
Ok I'm Daniele, from Cagliari, Italy, 23yrs old and that's enough for now 'cause I'm asking myself if someone would reply to this with something different than "who cares?" :D
22 nearly 23 years old from girona, catalunya, spain :) used to have long hair, but i decided to cut it las saturday... shame on me :)
I am 23 year old, from portugal. Today is my first day at my new job and I am posting this message from work, since today (and most likely the upcomming week) I will not have anything to do.

EDIT: My name is Gonçalo, btw.
Malaclypse said:
Stefan's the name, i am from Germany, 26 years old. call me grandpa.

junge grandpa? :D

as for me... let's see.. 23 years old, a female mutt made of a couple of european backgrounds living in a coastal town on adriatic, italy.
my different backgrounds do not always coexist perfectly, which makes me a pretty fucked up person. :tickled:
im Neal, or grandpa number 2... im 26 (27 in november)... i live in a little town just north of hollywood, california in the US... and i work for the ESP Guitar Co. you may have heard of it.

theres got to be a few more people from the US on here??
Oh nice you replied :D People from every corner of the earth, i see... Welcome to all, even to those who didn't tell their name or gender lol... someone even told about his work or studies, so i tell you i'm into electronic engineering, i hope to get a degree one day :D
I'm ligia. I am a girl. (I used to be called "man" here, so I clarify it now.) I am 24 years old (25 on september 19th). I'm an artist, I make sculptures in clay - see my avatar please. My favorite band is Novembre. I listen their albums everyday. I will emigrate to Italy some day in order to see them performing live!!!
I'm also glad for joining this exceptional league of Novembre fans.