A different new opeth album thread


Jul 6, 2003
Murdock, NE
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i have a feeling that the new album is just going to be absolutely fucking amazing....with the time they are going to put into it...the open tunings...they really had a troublesome time recording deliverance and damnation...and they didn't know the music well at all when they recorded it, and they still turned out marvelous. i usually don't like to get my hopes up too much for new albums of my fav. bands, so as not to be let down...but seeing that update just lit the fire in my belly, and i am completely jacked for this new album. does anyone not have a feeling that this will be a great album?
It's going to be great, that's for sure. I really have my expectations set very high and I know I wont be disapointed. It will be another masterpiece.
Go back to what Mikael said once, "We will never make a bad album". That is subject to debate, of course, but you have to love that attitude and ambition. His standards are so high that he really thought the problems with recording Deliverance were the end of Opeth. Release an unfinished and flawed record? Not an option.
I'm actually pretty worried about the next album and what path they'll follow. I can't say I'm even that excited about it right now. More waiting for the new Katatonia, Bloodbath, Nightingale, etc...
I have high expectations. I can follow the way opeth has developed so far. I don´t consider any opeth albums "bad", only good or excellent. With this in mind I cannot help but having huge expectations, infact for me this could be the most anticipated album-release ever!.
... Only this thread isn't different. I have high expectations for the new Opeth album, I just hope nothing goes wrong. My expectations are more like wishes. I know the album will be good even if my wishes aren't granted, but I still think it'd be great if they have the quality songwriting of Still Life, and the timelessness of the first two albums.
All they need to do is have one good song on the album and I'll be fine...I didn't really like Deliverance but the song Deliverance and A Fair Judgment made it a good album. I don't really care for the rest of the album, but even one good song will mean a good Opeth album to me.