Anathema favourite album - poll

Favourite Anathema album

  • The Crestfallen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Serenades

    Votes: 2 2.5%
  • Pentecost III

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Silent Enigma

    Votes: 11 13.6%
  • Eternity

    Votes: 19 23.5%
  • Alternative 4

    Votes: 17 21.0%
  • Judgement

    Votes: 20 24.7%
  • Resonance

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • A Fine Day to Exit

    Votes: 12 14.8%

  • Total voters
man thats a tough one. i went with Alt 4 but then relized if i could only have one it would probably be Eternity. oh yea not counting A Fine Day to Exit as i have not heard all of it yet. I want it soo bad but have no money right now, i almost went out to eat with an ex-girlfriend i can't stand just cause she said she would buy me the album:lol: but she ended up getting on my nerves. I should have put up with it though.
Judgement cause it's a fine piece of art. :eek:
But then again how can I choose? the're all beautifull....

btw, mega thanks for installing this messageboard, good work!
Hello :)
This is my first post here! Nice to have an Anathema forum...

I have all the Anathema albums,except for the new one and the Resonance compilation,which i may buy in Future... The new one i don't think i'll buy for reasons i will explain later on....

I voted for Eternity... My first anathema love ;) ... I still remember the first time I listened to this band,back when "eternity" was released... From that day on Anathema's music has always been a great and soothing company for me especially at hard times of my life... Each anathema album has a great meaning my for me,especially "The crestfallen","Alternative4","the silent enigma" and of course "Eternity"...
"Judgement" was somehow a sort of disappointment for me..I don't know exactly why i don't like it... The music is very beautiful indeed,yet it's too loose for me... I find it a bit boring to be honest..I don't know...after that i lost great interest in Anathema's carrier.... If i'll buy the new anathema,I will just remain in my Cd case...i feel it..
Maybe i'll buy it later on....who knows.....but just for now,not...

I feel greatly disappointed when i buy CDies and then just leave them gathering dust... i try to avoid this...

Anyway.... I always enjoy the old anathema stuff,they have such a great meaning to me
Alternative 4 is leading, and it would have been my choice had I not been on an Eternity/Exit kick...that album is what turned me on to Anathema in the first place, songs like Fragile Dreams, Empty, and Regret are just great compositions. And the opening, Feel, and the title track...
Eternity though i adore all their albums..havent heard fine day to exit yet...i am really afraid i might be dissapointed...though i know that anathema can release nothing but masterpieces
wish this moment would never come..