Are Genres 'Killing' Metal?


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Following on from this thread, do you think the (arguably) over-use of genres and labelling is doing more harm than good for the metal scene? Are too many people simply not checking out cool bands because of the label attached to them?

I've seen too many people say "I have no interest in Opeth" because of the death metal tag they are sometimes labelled with (despite them not even being death metal, imo!).

Hmmm.... interesting question....
I know some people hate bands being labelled, personally I don't care. If I ask someone what music they like, and they reply "metal", IMO they may as well not have replyed (if they said "all forms of metal", that would be different). That's not really what the question was though, is it?
Are genre labels harming metal... I would say no, but it depends really on the individual. I hate standing in the shop, wondering exactly what is this new band I've never heard of like. If I can tell that it's Black (for eg), then I'm more likely to give it a try depending on the mood I'm in, atleast I know where the band will be coming from (to a degree...). I do, however, like to give new stuff a try, and have the benefit of being into "all forms of metal", so I may not be typical. I can see how it would be bad if someone had heard 2 Death metal albums, decided they hated it, then ignored everything with that label though.
Dunno. I like labels, but I can see the downside, just don't know how widespread it is. (gee, this post really added to the debate, didn't it. Talk about going round in circles..:loco: )
I don't think they should be over labelled. But I have no respect for ne1 who buys a record because of a label it's been given.

I think they can be very usefull, if you want to know what kind of music a band does, a general label can help you decide whether you think you'll like them. But most "good" bands (what I consider good) Can't be overly labelled i don't think, as what makes them good is their genre mixing :)
I think over genrefication hurts music in general. It becomes less an issue of the music, and more of the labelling.

Years ago, I would try to find metal music. I would come across speed, thrash, death etc. Now, if I hear a band is death, I may not try, because I usually don't like that kind of music. (I said usually, not always). Thus, I may miss something. Still, I personally still try to listen to all new stuff, then make my decision regardless of its genre.

I think genres hurt the less musically educated - they may miss something thay may ultimately like.
Yeah I find that with people. I tell them to listen to something, they're really enthusiastic me having described the music, then they ask for a genre and very often when I say one they suddenly don't wanna listen ne more! Grrrr That realy pisses me off :devil: