Blackwater Park

Hi all - my first post.

I discovered this band over this past winter and I'm extremely glad I did - some amazing music to be found here.

As for BWP, it is the album that is seriously flawless from beginning to end IMO. The Drapery Falls is my fav on BWP; my other fav Opeth tune is Ghost of Perdition. Anyway, I still discover new themes, ideas, arrangements, textures, etc. here and I'm suer I will continue to do so.

I have also been hitting Deliverance hard and that album is also becoming a favorite of mine albeit a harder nut to crack. I'm still working on Still Life and haven't found my way "in" yet, but with all of the positive words that particular album gets, I'm sure it's just me and not enough spins yet! Ghost Reveries is also seriously amazing. I do not yet have the first four albums, but in due time....

Looking forward to the new one as well when that surfaces....
when u get more into opeth u will see & realize that Dirge for November is their best song ever ever ever ever and forever.period. kthxbye
when u get more into opeth u will see & realize that Dirge for November is their best song ever ever ever ever and forever.period. kthxbye

Good tune - their best? Not for me. Drapery, GoP, Masters Apprentice, Wreath all hit me harder.
I cant say I don't like any of their albums, so I like them all but this album is really up there when it comes to Opeth albums, Drapery and Funeral very noteable tracks.
You skip teh drepre flols?! Not tr00 opteh fan!

But seriously, skipping the drapery falls, dirge for november and the funeral portrait? Fucking great songs! Of course, it is possible to not like them, I'm just saying :loco:
I don't skip Drapery (track 4), but I do like it less than the first 3. Dirge and Funeral Portrait are so repetitive and boring. Just not very much going on in those songs, except for a couple nice riffs in Funeral Portrait. I can stand Funeral Portrait sometimes, but Dirge... that songs just blows.
when u get more into opeth u will see & realize that Dirge for November is their best song ever ever ever ever and forever.period. kthxbye

gonna have to agree with you on this. Dirge has been my favorite for years.
I quote a post from (re: Dirge For November):
The wall of sound during most of the heavy part (where he's actually growling) is incredibly depressing and effective. The beginning captures hopelessness perfectly. The end is the quiet, peaceful serenity after the suicide. The lyrics and theme are captured perfectly through the music, which is very rare. Transcendant art.
All I can say is "QFT". :)
Best album for me so far. Blackwater park (the song) is incredibly brutal at times but SO DAMN GOOD!
Oh and the artwork kicks major butt! I'd like it in bigger format :D
Blackwater Park is admirable, musically and specially lyrically.
Each and every song causes mt thinking "Oh Mike is a genius".
I wouldn't say that BWP is their best, but there's no doubt that it's one of their influencing and important albums.

By the way, Hello:)
Blackwater Park is a very important album in the Opeth Timeline, as it signals the true death of the old, and the full emergence of the new - style that is.
On My Arms Your Hearse, we can hear it bubbling in the cauldron of creation, not yet ready to emerge and take form but shining through in patches.
Then, on Still Life, the sound evolves a little more, yet not fully taking over yet.

What sound is this that I refer to? The awesome blend of many musical styles to form one cohesive and progressive sound that topples over anything in its technical complexity and musical genius.

It was on Blackwater Park that this sound fully matures and emerges to kill off their old sound and usher in their NEW sound. A sound which divides Opeth fans to this day. Some claim that Blackwater Park is Opeth's "mainstream" album.

The amazing blending of the "soft" with the "hard" fully matured on Blackwater Park and solidified Opeth's reign over all other bands, shattering genres and defying boundaries.
I used to love everything about BWP till i found SL then came Orchid & MAYH, and blew my mind but SL remains # 1. Nowadays BWP and D1 are the Opeth albums i play the least. stil like em though...