Blackwater Park


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Oct 10, 2001
Forgive me, I'm kind of an Opeth newbie. Is Blackwater Park their most recent album or their first album. -I've been told both. I tried to find out through the discography but it's not even there. ? Also, what is it like?
It is there latest album. it is a dark, heavy, riff-o-rama of metal. It's pretty much what you'd expect from Opeth, but very well produced, and a bit simpler than their earlier stuff.
Opeth has released 5 albums:

Orchid, in 95
Morningrise, in 96
My Arms Your Hearse, in 98
Still Life, in 99, and
Blackwater Park, in 2001.

Orchid and Morningrise had a slightly different sound that the more recent 3, but each album is brilliant in it's own way, and there are multiple people on this forum who think each album is Opeth's best.

See... I think it was MountainDweller's (?) Opeth FAQ for more info. If somebody could please provide a link and correct me if I'm wrong about who set that up, that'd be great, thx.