DAMNATION...The Magic Is Still There

I don't think Opeth is capable of disappointing me.. Even in some instances, such as my initial listens of BWP and originally (shame!) Benighted, where the songs didn't hit me the way AULD Opeth did, they definitely grew on me.

Now every song is fully locked away in a precious part of my memory to be recalled when work is slow and Prince is blaring on the loudspeaker. I often find myself singing the most unlikely Opeth song (heavy or not)..

That said, Damnation didn't disappoint at all.. Windowpane blew me away and the composition definitely includes the varied style that makes Opeth stand out above and far beyond all others.

Maybe I'm rambling..

Maybe I'm insane (well, perhaps..)

but I know what I like

and that's all that matters, right?

(When can I take you from this place?
When is the word but a sigh?
When is death our lone beholder?
When do we walk the final steps?
When can we scream instead of whisper?
When is the new beginning.. at the end of this sad

..never ceases to touch me profoundly. maybe I'm lame.

Does this even have anything to do with the topic? Do I ever? fuck this pothead mind of mine..
It seems that the people that were disappointed in the CD were expecting something. Or just high expectations. Like the new Star Wars movies...such hype and expectations, and such a letdown. But the movies aren't really that bad.

Well, mabye that depends on the Jedi or Sith...