Does Opeth get radioplay where you are from?

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Apr 18, 2002
New York City
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Does Opeth get radioplay where you are from? Here in NYC they get some seriously heavy rotation on the local metal station 89.5. "Deliverance" is played about 4 or 5 times a day/nite. I'm curious to see if they get an equal amount of play anywhere else?
i heard 'In The Mist She Was Standing' once on Total Rock, with BWP being the newest album at the time, and being out not too long i wondered why they didnt play anything of that. oh well. anyway that was once, never heard them again...
The heaviest local radio station here only plays saliva and puddle of mudd... and some song from the upcoming 'daredevil' movie's soundtrack over and over again... ugh.
hahaha 89.5 WSOU!!!!!!!! i used to work there in my college/jersey days!!!!! im glad its getting played on that station! do they play tracks in their entirity???
In Sweden they've been played once on national radio... on a rock show that airs once a week. They had a great interview with Mike and he got to choose some favourite tunes of his to play on the radio. He chose Porcupine Tree of course ;) Then they played like 4 tracks off of Deliverance. But that's it I guess...
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We have a bit of radio play on Triple J here in Sydney, tune in on mondays from 8-11 or something like that.

Yeh, the guy who hosts JJJ (three hours of power) loves opeth alot and he did a good Interview with peter (I think) earlier this year. :)
wsou rules, even though they somewhat changed the format, and now play crappy music. They do still do a good job of playing underground metal/hardcore.
we only have shitty radio stations over here (there are some rock/metal stations in the larger cities, but not here).
-> I rarely listen to the radio