Does Opeth get radioplay where you are from?

When I was in college, there was this DJ at my college who had a metal show called "Metal Storm". But he only played Death/Black metal, only really heavy shit. And he did play an Opeth song once. I don't remember which one, but when I discovered Opeth a year later, I kicked myself for not paying attention the first time.
I live something like five - ten minutes away from Seton Hall Univ, so I'm biased.

The switchd playing Deliverance to playing A Fair Judgement, still in pretty heavy rotation.

They had previously played Bleak in rotation, and I once got their Black Metal show dj to play Black Rose Immortal.
I've stopped listening to the radio out of hatred and fear, so I don't even know. Last I checked, I couldn't find a proper metal station.